Orasio for us means prayer, we are people of faith, bringing you our honest unbiased views of happenings in the world of finance, and well sometimes politics!

While we focus on writing reviews of websites that aim to scam Africans through frivolous online investment schemes, our main hobby is to analyze data and draw conclusions.

Our views are not definite, it is a fallacy to think that only one conclusion can be drawn from the same data.

We see statisticians, politicians and sometimes even academics skew the data to their interest while ignoring the general tenets and spirits of the discussion, we would not do that.

We are humans, and sometimes we may err, when we do, please send us some call credit to call and apologies, but seriously though? Why are you angry? We already told you, this is our personal opinion.

Someday, we would get there, we would write enough good articles, do enough analysis to become your go to place for unbiased information, when we do, come on man, acknowledge that in the comments, let our heads swell once a while.

Although, we are fairly certain, the opposite, hate, and lies which characterize the media space is what we are most likely to face.

Sometimes, we may not understand why you are angry, why you write certain comments? but why? ah, there goes another horrible writing. We are pretty sure our English tutors, lecturers, and professors would be very disappointed by the sort of grammar we put out here.

Seriously Prof. we passed the class, if you wanted better grammar, you should have raised the standards, anyway..that is just it, if you missed the point, let us be clear, this is serious business, but while at it, we would have some fun, a lot of fun.

We expect the grammar police to do a better job than our English tutors, of course that is the difference, one does the job out of passion, the other for the pay, but wait a minute, it seem we just threw a shade at some group. oh man!, how does one stay politically correct?

Perhaps we shouldn’t, or maybe we should? hmmm, tough call. I can’t call the fat woman fat, tell me what can I say then?

This is supposed to be satire, but as you might have guessed, we are terrible at that as well.

This is hard line of work!

Be informed

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