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Trading involves skill acquisition, most people keep trying new skills and never make it.

The last 15 years have taught me one simple thing, more than strategy, more than a set-up, and what’s more, important is psychology and risk management.

If you can manage your risks properly, and keep a cool head, you would eventually succeed.

One simple mistake most novice traders make is the assumption that a win ratio for a strategy would happen in the next 10 trades.

A strategy can have a 70 percent win rate, but that doesn’t mean you would win 7 out of every 10 trades.

Indeed, the law of large numbers suggests, that to get closer to the win rate, you must have performed the experiment for a large amount of time.

For traders, that a large amount of time is actually 1000 trades. If you have not placed 1000 trades comfortably with a strategy, you do not truly know its win rate.

This is where many get it wrong, through impatience and greed.

Oftentimes, what is needed isn’t just another strategy or a magic pill, if there is any magic pill at all in Forex, it is the one that works on your psychology and risk management.

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