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The Best AMC23 Review

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AMC23 LTD claims to be an asset management company that would take you to a whole new level of passive income, but are their claims real or one of the many online investment scams that exist in today’s society? In this Orasio review of AMC23 ltd, we dig deeper to determine the true state of AMC23

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Is AMC23 a legit investment platform? the short answer is NO! AMC23 ltd is a scam! One that is designed to steal your hard-earned money and disappear without a trace.

In this AMC23 review, we would discuss step-by-step reasons and logical arguments for which reason we believe you might be dealing with a scam and help you make an informed decision.

AMC23 Investment Plans? Are they sustainable?

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AMC23 Investment Plans

The least of AMC23 Investment plans provides 4% profits each day for 30 days! that’s 120% in pure profits, excluding your capital, and even if it includes capital, that’s a whopping 20% profits in a single month.

While this may sound enticing to the unsuspecting investor, it is actually a huge red flag. Remember that before a company can give you any profits, they should have made more than that themselves, to cover their cost of operations, etc.

The truth is that providing even 20% a month is an unsustainable business practice, and even if it is pursued by a genuine company, that firm would collapse with time.

The real reason such investment plans are put up by online investment scams is to ignite the greed in you, even if a part of you is scared of losing, you would want to believe yourself to be the lucky one who gets all this money and profits out, unfortunately, you would end up losing it all.

What About The Little Payments, Others Have Received?

Some online investment scams would pay some members for a while, some would even pay very early investors, the whole idea is to create the impression that they are legit.

This is why you may receive some percentage of your capital back, to psych you into investing more and even informing your family and friends about them to invest as well.

At the end of the day, you receive referral commissions from these downlinks and you get excited and keep spreading these scams only for the website to disappear.

AMC23 LTD Company Registration

Almost all online investment scams use company house for their registration in the united kingdom, this is because it is very easy to do so from the comfort of your home, with minimal documentation.

AMC23 did the same:


Most people see these types of documents and believe that they are dealing with a legit company. I am sorry to disappoint you but scammers are far advanced.

There are times that scammers would create websites with names of legit companies just to defraud people. It could entirely be possible that the true owners of AMC23 are not even aware of the ongoing scam.

The most important reason why you should be wary of companies registered via company house is the disclaimers on the company house itself, I kid you not, just look at this image carefully.

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Company House Disclaimers

Right at the top, is the statement; “Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filled”

What About Other Reviewers Who Classify AMC23 is Paying?

Most review websites that classify AMC23 as paying are most likely using referral links on their websites to attract members into AMC23, earning a commission from every transaction.

These scam websites know this very well, thus they keep paying referral commissions while blocking real investment withdrawals.

As long as the website operator receives his or her commissions, they would continue to classify AMC23as paying.

I Lost My Money in AMC23, Can You Help Me Get it Back?

Unfortunately, we can not help you recover lost funds, and be careful of websites claiming they can help you get your money back at a fee. They would most likely scam you again.


You are obviously dealing with a scam, chances are that by the time you are reading this, you may have lost your funds already, however, use the points made above to direct your investment goals in the future.

Spread the word, share this article save someone else from being scammed.

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