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Unbiased Bitcoin Limited Review 2021

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Bitcoin Limited is a new high yield investment platform (HYIP) with lots of promises. In this Bitcoin Limited Review, our goal is to put those promises to test to determine if Bitcoin Limited is a legit investment platform or one of the many investment scams that exist in today’s world.

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In writing this Bitcoin Limited Review, special care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information as much as is available to us in other not to mislead our trusted readers who rely on us for valid information.

The goal isn’t to defame any platform, but rather to save at the very least one unsuspecting investor from falling prey to unscrupulous investment scams that exist today.

Is Bitcoin Limited a legit investment platform? No! Our research points to the simple fact that Bitcoin Limited is a scam, and we would give you a genuine unbiased reason why we believe with all sincerity that Bitcoin Limited is not legit.

If you have already invested in this platform, you are most likely to lose your hard-earned money to these scammers.

Orasio does not have the resources to chase these scammers to help give you back your funds, and anybody who asks you to make any payments to them, in the comments section or in the forum is doing so purposely to scam you further.

Why do we conclude that Bitcoin Limited is a scam?

Bitcoin Limited Review | The Company Registration Document

For most people, a PDF file on a website, claiming a company is registered is enough reason for them to trust them, hopefully not you. The real truth is that company registrations often mean very little in today’s world.

For instance, most of these scam platforms claim to be registered in the United Kingdom and would even give you a link to a company house to prove their legitimacy.

Bitcoin limited does the same thing, here is a link to their company house registration.

There are two problems with that;

  • Company House states clearly that they do not verify the accuracy of the informations on their platform. How then can you trust or know that the names or addresses shown on company house for this company is legit?
  • Registering a company via company house can be done fully remote, indeed, that is why most of these scammers use company house anyway.
Bitcoin Limited Review, review, bitcoin limited scam, is bitcoin limited legit
Bitcoin Limited Registration on Company House

Company house is clearing giving you a warning here, in the image above, they tell you right away they do not verify the accuracy of the information provided.

This means that every information about Bitcoin Limited that you find on the company house might not actually be accurate, and the sad part is that you have no way of confirming this on your own.

Bitcoin Limited scammers understand this a lot, and they use that to their advantage, by continuously using anonymity to cover their tracks in their dealings with you.

However, there are far more dangerous things about Bitcoin Limited other than their company house registration that you should be aware of.

Let’s start with the Bitcoin Limited supposed investment plans.

Bitcoin Limited Review | Scrutiny of the Investment Plans

Most HYIP sites are designed to ignite greed in you, do not be offended, we have all fallen prey to these things before. I remember thoroughly using my student’s loan to invest in a HYIP only to lose the entire money.

When people ask why we write about these scams, it is because we have our own personal experiences losing thousands of dollars to scams of this nature.

Our goal is to save at least one person from these scams and to help you understand the nature of scams and to avoid them altogether.

Let’s be honest, the investment plans shown on Bitcoin Limited are lucrative, I mean, if these plans were real, you would solve your financial problems within a few days or weeks.

The sad truth however is that the investment plans shown on Bitcoin limited are fake, they aren’t legit in any way.

Bitcoin Limited Review, Bitcoin Limited scam, review, is bitcoin limited legit
Bitcoin Limited Investment Plans

I know you are a smart person, now pause and think about these promised profits for a minute. I call them promised profits because they are indeed promises to you and nothing more.

However, before someone can pay you 25% profits every day, such a person must have made more than 25% themselves.

Which business in this world can truly provide you with 25% profits daily, non stop forever? They claim to use experienced traders, but even some of the best forex traders schools in the world, agree that such returns are simply outrageous and paraded by sycophants.

Hear me, there is absolutely no way bitcoin trading or any other form of trading can consistently provide such returns to you. It is impossible and unsustainable.

These scammers know that their model is unsustainable, they know they can not deliver on such promises, in fact, behind the scenes there are no trading activities happening as they claim.

They are only robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Bitcoin Limited Review | Why Other Website Claim they are Paying ?

It is possible in your search for Bitcoin Limited review, you might have come across a site or two that claims that bitcoin limited is paying.

Chances are that you may have even met someone or a friend who claims to have been paid by these platforms.

Two things are going on here;

  • Being paid, doesn’t mean it can’t be a scam
  • This is a marketing effort.

To get you to understand this further, ask yourself this very simple question. How do these review websites make money? Indeed, ask yourself, how does this very website make money? Obviously, it cost money to run the servers, and it cost money and time to put up articles.

Most review websites make money by utilising affiliate links and guest posts, once in a while we get offers of this nature, to write guest posts about platforms that we have zero confidence in for thousands of dollars, but we turn them down.

You would be naive to think other platforms would have the decency to turn down thousands of dollars for your sake, but we are a people of faith, and our goal for launching orasio is purposely non-profit.

Another way that review websites like ourselves make money is by utilizing affiliate links. Obviously, people aren’t going to use your affiliate links if you tell them that the website is a scam.

Most platforms just use the word paying and insert an affiliate link for you to use. As long as the review website itself gets paid its affiliate commissions, they are okay with you being scammed, because of course; paying.

Not many people care about your well being, especially if they profit from your loss. You can not trust a website just because it says a platform is paying.

HYIP operators like Bitcoin Limited are extremely cunning and creative, a friend may tell you how profitable they have been to him or her. Why?

Most often, these HYIP sites, pay you a few of your profits, just enough profits for you to think you have found a legit platform, by doing this, they turn their victims into their marketers. I mean why not tell your friends and family about the life-changing investment you have found right?

Except they do not have the full picture or if they do, they do not care enough about you to tell you the truth.

Use your logic and reasoning as a guide, and articles of this nature to help guide your efforts against any scams you might encounter in the future.

If the offer is too good to be true? chances are that it is yet, another scam.

Have you invested in Bitcoin Limited? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

Bitcoin Limited Review

Bitcoin Limited
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We have absolutely no doubt that bitcoin limited is a scam. The company registration doesn't add up, there is no actual proof of the owners or operators of this platform. The investment plans are just to ignite greed in the unsuspecting investor. This is one of those scams that you never get your deposit when you invest with them
This is a genuine and Unbiased Review of Bitcoin Limited to help you make an informed decision. Is Bitcoin Limited a scam? Is Bitcoin Limited Legit? Is this a website or investment platform that you can trust? We discuss this and many more in this article.

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