Bitify Pro Review| The worse scam of 2021?

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Bitify Pro claims to be a new generation investment platform, they are asking you to invest in their high efficiency trading platforms and earn regular profits. In this Bitify Pro review, we very their claims and help you to draw your own conclusions.

Bitify Pro Review

For most people eager to make money online, it is easy to ignore all the red signs and glaring inaccuracies that exist on Bitify Pro’s website, regardless, we believe the bitify pro review you read here, might be of immense help to you and perhaps help you avoid the certain dangers that ponzi schemes pose to your finances and wealth.

In all our reviews, we look at the claims the website is making, and juxtapose them to reality and facts, we would do same with our Bitify Pro review.

Bitify Pro Review | The Claims

Bitify Pro claims to be working in both the real estate industry as well as the currency trading industry, and that is about all you get from them.

On their about us page, Bitify Pro does not state whether it is registered, its country of origin, or its regulator.

They diligently mask themselves, in fact, there is no single mention of their founder or management team on their website.

They are purely anonymous.

Bitify Pro Review

They claim they make so many profits, so much so they are able to pay you 5% profits each day.

If you invest $100, Bitify Pro claims you would receive $5 daily, and that equates to $150 dollars at the end of the month, excluding your capital.

The absolute truth here is that these guys are not involved in any form of currency trading, they are using the hype of currency trading to make you think they are some geniuses.

When in fact their only genius, is convincing you to give them your hard earned money.

If you have invested with Bitify Pro, the only reason you may be getting paid as of now is that they would be getting more clients like you who want such returns.

Thus they would use the new investments from clients to pay old investors while pocketing a chunk of the money.

However, such investments, of this Ponzi nature require the continuous flow of new investors, like yourself.

Unfortunately, the number of people in the world are not infinite, and guess what, even if the number of people in the universe were infinite, not all of us would be willing to invest in a Ponzi scheme.

With time, the number of old investors would surpass the number of new investors joining the platform, when this happens, they would not be able to meet their withdrawal request.

However, that was the plan right from the start, to get enough people on board and disappear without a trace.

With enough money made, they would disappear just like every other Ponzi scheme we have reviewed in the past.

Please do not assume your local police force can track them down either, the truth is, there are just so many crimes in the world, so much so the local police won’t do much about these scams.

Please flee from these scams. You are not going to get rich by investing in a Ponzi scheme, if the profits of Forex trading is what excites you, learn how to trade forex.

If investing is your thing, and you really want to make money from your investments, that is equally perfect, but learn to pick out legitimate investments from Ponzi schemes.

While legitimate investments might not give you some of the highest returns, you at least have the opportunity to build your wealth and become wealthy in the long run.

If you want to invest and have your money safe, read on the top 3 online investment platforms and make a choice for yourself.

In our Bitify Pro review, we have classify it as a Ponzi scheme, which would collapse soon enough.

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