The Best and Unbiased Coinice Review 2021

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This coinice review is focused on thoroughly examining the activities of coinice and to help the investor determine if coinice is a legit platform to invest or not. Our goal is to help you understand the business nature of coinice, and to determine if this business nature is sustainable or not.

The question anyone reading an article on coinice review might want to know is whether coinice is legit or not. In our coinice review we found out that coinice is a scam, and would dissappear with investors money.

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Here are the detailed reasons we believe coinice is a scam.

Detailed Coinice Review

Investing money online is a great way to earn passive income if you find a legit investment platform, however, most often than not, investors end up investing in scams that disappear with their hard earned money’s.

Our goal in this coinice review is to bring to bare the obvious fallacies designed to give coinice some resemblance of legitimacy, all while they dupe investors of their hard earned moneys.

Why do we say coinice is a scam? stick with us to find out more

Coinice review | Company Registration

Coinice has a pdf file on their website claiming to be a registered with company house in the United Kingdom, while that checks out, it is important to know that company house does not verify accuracy of information filed.

coinice review
coinice on company house

These are key things to keep in mind here;

  • Company house does not verify the accuracy of information on it’s platform
  • There are instances where fraudulent websites comb through the company house directory to identify legit company’s and create websites similar to them to give the scam websites some claim of legitimacy
  • In instances where scammers actually register the company all by themselves, these scammers often use stolen information to ensure that you have absolutely zero chance of tracing them in the eventual collapse of their business.

From the above, we can deduce that company registration via company house provides no assurance or security for the investor, in any case, for a company registered in the United Kingdom to under take investment activities it needs to be registered but more importantly regulated by the financial conducts authority. Our search via the FCA returned zero results for Coinice, which means the FCA has no idea this scam even exist.

Coinice Review ~ The Investment Offers

All the investment offers made on coinice are designed to scam you, why do we make this claim? First off, no legit company can truly provide you with 5% profits each day.

If a business could make 5% profits a day all by itself, why would they even need your money? Except that, no real business actually exist behind the scenes, it is simply a pyramid scheme.

Behind the scenes, a group of scammers are skillfully managing the platform, using new investors funds to pay the supposed profits of old investors.

No actual business is going on, the real truth is that, if you are lucky, you might get a few profits paid to you, but that in of itself is no assurance that you would benefit from the platform.

The goal for paying you those little profits are to entice you into thinking you have found a legit investment platform to invest with, thereby turning you into an ambassador for them.

Remember that for all pyramid schemes of these nature, once new members stop coming in, the platform is bound to collapse, and even if new members keep coming in, the only real winners here are the operators of the platform.

coinice review
Supposed Investment Plans

In all, remember that these investment plans are not realistic, you would get scammed if you believe them, no company in this world generates profits daily, and no legit company can truly give you 240% in 15 days, when a platform make such a promise to you, flee from them with all the speed you can gather.

Coincice review ~ Payment Statistics

Payment statistics is one tool in the scammers toolbox, the goal of this tool is to give you the impression that real and legit payments are being made on the platform.

But you can not and should not trust it at all. In our coinice review we found out that the operators of the platform were whitewashing the payment statistics.

Whitewashing is the process of making payment to self or a group of fake accounts to give impression to outsiders that payments are being made to many others and thus giving yourself a claim of legitimacy.

Scam operators use this tool, to attract the unsuspecting investor to invest on their platforms, only for you to issue withdrawals and it not being honored.

You would wonder why your very withdrawal is not being honored and yet there are several withdrawals being shown on the website! The truth is that, you have been scammed and the statistics shown on the website, is indeed not legit.

Coinice review has taught us a number of things, and we hope that you can learn a thing or two from this experience to aide you in your journey as an investor.

Investing is a good way to make money online, however, it is important that while investing, you do not end up losing your hard earned money.

Most often than not, no legit platform can really give you profits on a daily basis, but you can be sure of your capital returns and profits over a period of time. You can truly build wealth in a slow but assured fashion, instead of rapid and unsafe money which might even cause you to lose your invested capital.

Coinice Review ~ The Conclusion

In our coinice review, our goal is to at the very least safe one person from falling for a scam, if we could safe at least one person from the coinice scam? our goal would have been accomplished.

You can help prevent this scam and saving one other person by sharing this article or leaving a comment below for others to learn from your experience.

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