The Best Way to Understand Derived, The Multichain Synthetic Platform Launched in 2021

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Derived Finance is a next-generation multichain synthetic decentralized trading platform that enables the trading of various kinds of products such as Forex, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency’s on the same platform with unlimited liquidity and zero slippage.

Since its inception, derived has raised over $3 million dollars from 30 venture funds to create this multichain synthetic platform.

In this article, we would break down what derived finance is trying to achieve and determine how revolutionary this may or may not be.

Derived, Derived Finance
Image source; Derived.Fi

What is DVDx Cryptocurrency

The native token for the Derived platform is DVDx.

What Problem(s) is Derived Trying to Solve?

Two key issues have bedevilled the existing decentralized exchanges;

  • High Slippage
  • Only crypto assets are accessible

Derived finance is solving these two key problems by providing a decentralized platform with zero slippage, and more also providing synthetic assets that provide a gateway to a huge array of products to be traded on the Derived platform.

With the Synthetic multichain decentralized platform that Derived is creating, any single product that is being traded today can be traded on Derived, and any other products you can think of in the future can as well be traded on Derived, without the need to change brokers or platforms.

You can be trading Forex in the morning, and switch to crypto or stocks all from the same platform with zero slippage.

What are Synthetic Tokens

The entire Derived decentralized multichain synthetic platform would be filled with synthetic tokens, but what are synthetic tokens?

Synthetic assets are essentially tokenized derivatives.

In the traditional financial world, derivatives are representations of stocks or bonds that a trader does not own but wants to buy or sell.

In essence, if you want to profit from the price fluctuations of a stock that you don’t own, you can do this through a derivative.

Synthetic assets, or tokenized derivatives, take this process one step further by adding the record for the derivative on the blockchain and essentially creating a cryptocurrency token for it.

What are the Key Features of Derived

Derived, derived finance
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Trading on Derived Finance

Users of the Derived Finance Multichain synthetic decentralized trading platform would have the opportunity to trade any assets they want, within a single platform with zero slippage and low cost of transaction.

The derived protocol is essential to bridge the gap between various traders who focus on other markets and to give them exposure to trading other assets.

Staking on Derived Finance

Users can stake their DVD tokens to earn more, according to the white paper, users who stake or mint on the derived platform would earn a portion of the transaction fees that are charged on the platform.

Advantages of Derived Protocol

  • You can trade any asset you want, from bitcoin, to Tesla to the British Pound, all in one decentralized platform
  • Leverage Staking and Minting on the derived protocol allows the user to unlock more of their staked capital.
  • Hybrid Tokens; Are you long on decentralized exchanges, you can now buy Uniswap, Sushi and 1inch together as a single token. Are you long on bitcoin and ethereum, you can buy them together as a single token.
  • Zero Slippage
  • Unlimited liquidity and many more

Where can I buy Derived (DVDx)

At the time of press DVDx was trading on the following exchanges;

Other exchanges that we expect would soon list DVDx are;

Wallets to Keep DVDx

These are the following wallets that you can store DVDx, remember to send your coins from exchanges to your wallet to secure them.

Can DVDx Reach $100

Derived finance native token DVDx can reach $1000 within the next 10 years, as more people adopt the derived platform for their trading needs.

Hype and excessive marketing have made the price of certain coins ballon all over the price, but the truth is that nothing beats real utility in the long round.

Cryptocurrency’s solving real-world problems have a chance to become extremely successful if you have the patience to let the projects mature and achieve mainstream adoption.

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