The Best and Unbiased Evercont Review 2021 | Scam or Legit

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Evercont is an online investment platform that is promising mouth-watering returns, but is this platform legit or a scam? In this Evercont review, we take a detailed look at the services, the promises, and the business model of Evercont to help you make an informed decision.

Is Evercont a legit investment platform or a scam? The truth is that Evercont, operating as Evercont Invest limited via the website is a huge scam, designed with the sole purpose of defrauding you of your hard-earned money.

evercont review, review

For those of you who might be new to online investments, you should know that Evercont isn’t doing anything new, indeed, there have been many scams like this before and there shall be many after it, if you doubt us, you can visit our online investment scam graveyard and read all the various websites we have reviewed which disappeared without a trace.

The question remains, why do we call a scam? what are our reasons? Let’s find out more.

EverCont Review | Company Registration

There are no publicly available information regarding the company registration of Usually most of these scams register via company house to provide some claim of legitimacy, although such registration in and itself is void, many have fallen prey to such platforms thinking company registration makes the business legit.

In this Evercont review, we are not basing our conclusion on the availability or absence of a company registration, we are looking at the viability of the business model itself, and whether the promises they are making to you are sustainable.

Stick with us as we dive deeper and deeper.

Evercont Review | The Investment Plans

Most scams focuses on investment plans, the goal of the investment plan for these scammers is just so your emotions would kick in, thinking you have found a platform that would solve all your monetary needs.

That is why most scams offer completely outrageous rates, and they do this knowing very well that once emotions kick in, people through logic off the windows.

Let’s take a look a look at the investment plans being offered by Evercont, and determine if these sort of investment plans are sustainable over the long period of time.

evercont review, review investment plans

The least plan here is offering you 1.6% profit a day for a total profit of 124% in 15 days, while the highest plan, the galaxy promises you 3.1% profit a day and a total of 139.5% in 45 days.

As if that is not scary enough, they have further reinvestment plans, let’s take a look at it.

evercont review, review reinvest plan

With reinvest plan, you are promised about 204% profits in 60 days, there are many other such outrageous investment plans scattered all over the platform.

In our evercont review, we are convinced that these investment plans, were made to entice you to invest your hard earned money on a platform that is meant to scam you.

There are no two ways about it, if you try and invest with evercont, you are going to lose your money.

EverCont Review | Affiliate Plans

While we are classifying evercont as a scam, other platforms would classify them as legit, further compounding issues for the unsuspecting public.

Why would a website do that? I tell you what? the sweet nectar of affiliate commissions are too high for them to ignore, if you do not have high enough morals, you might fall into such a situation and end up promoting a scam.

These online investment scams, know that affiliate commissions works, they also know that even normal users would promote them all over the web just so they get affiliate commissions.

Evercont Review | Other Payouts Seen On the Platform

Do not be deceived, operators of these online investment scams are becoming sophisticated by the day, each day they diverse different methods to make money from you.

One way they do that is to create separate accounts on their own platforms and pretend that they are making payments or honoring withdrawals, the codes of the platform could also be tinkered with to show fake withdrawals.

However, once you deposit, none of your withdrawal request would be honored.

Other platforms also commit themselves into paying you a bit of your own money back, to give you the impression that they are legit, the truth is, you are going to lose.

Evercont Review | Conclusion

We are certain that is a scam, they are up to no good, and if we can at the very least save one person with our reviews, we would have accomplished our goal.

You can support this goal by sharing this article to reach more people all over the world.

What many do not know is that scams like these destroys lives, it nearly destroyed mine, thus my commitment to fight it for the rest of my life.

Be informed

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