The Best Heonix Review 2021

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Heonix review is a thorough, well-thought-out review of and the investment services provided on the platform. Is Heonix a scam or a legit business? we dive into all these and more in our heonix review to give you the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Is a scam or legit platform? The short answer is Yes! is definitely a scam, similar to other online investment scams we have reviewed.

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Heonix Review | Detailed Review

Heonix claim to be the number 1 crypto trading firm in the world, we have zero idea when this competition was done to determine the first (pun intended) position, albeit they claim it for themselves.

In this review, our interest is not in whether is the number crypto- trading firm or not, however, we would be focusing our attention on the important facts such us, investment plans (are they attainable?), transparency of founders ( are they known, can this be independently verified), and many other things.

Lets dive in. ownership

In the years that we have been reviewing websites, is the one that has proven illusive, they go extra miles to hide their true identity with fake documents here and there to confuse you into thinking they are legit.

All this while, there is no publicly available information as to the true founders or owners of the platform.

For instance, they claim to have a certificate of good standing, which we verified by the way to be true, however, there was no documentation to prove that Heonix LLC is the same as the entity operating

This is important because we have seen fake websites operating in the name of legitimate businesses just to prove a point of legitimacy.

Diving Deeper, Certificate of Good standing Certificate of Good Standing

In our heonix review, we took the time to verify the certificate they presented on the platform, and the results was actually good, however, it will be irresponsible on our part to end there.

What really is a certificate of good standing?

A certificate of good standing is issued by individual states in the united states to enable you conduct business in that particular state, and nothing more.

In this heonix review, it is important you come to the understanding that a certificate of good standing can be issued for one thing, and then it could be wrongfully applied to other businesses.

When it comes to investments of any sort, the entity with the authority to license and regulate in the united states remains the securities and exchange commission. search at the SEC

As expected, Heonix LLC can not be found with the SEC, although they are having a certificate of good standing from the state of colorado, this means, they are having that certificate fro a different business not investment, and thus making it illegal for to operate an investment platform.

Another factor you should not forget is the area of identity theft, it is possible that heonix llc, has nothing to do with, but that is a story for another day. Investment Plans

heonix review Investment plans has various investment plans, the least plan here gives you 0.8% to 1.2% a day, while the highest provide you 3% to 3.5% a day, that is over 60% profits a month.

This is common all the online investment scams, indeed once you see the investment plans, if you are experienced, you know immediately that this is a scam.

There is no business on planet earth that would generate such returns on a daily basis without losses, but guess what? is not operating any business. In our Heonix review we came yo the understanding that this is a pyramid scheme.

They take new deposits to pay old members and keep the difference. People are going to be hurt badly here, avoid at all cost.

Heonix Review | Conclusion

Is a scam? Yes

Be informed

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