Hivo Trade Review 2021 | Dangerous Scam or Legit

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Hivo trade is an investment platform that claims to trade Forex and crypto-currency’s, in today’s Hivo trade review, our goal is to determine if Hivo trade is legit or a scam.

Is Hivo trade legit or a scam? The sad truth is that Hivo trade is one huge scam, designed to steal your hard-earned money from you without any way for you to reach the owners and to get your money back.

Why do we conclude that Hivo trade is a scam? let’s dig deeper into this hivo trade review to bring out all the dirty plans of Hivo trade.

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Hivo Trade Review | Company Registration

In our Hivo Trade review, we came across several statements that seem to suggest that Hivo Trade is a registered company, however, we are convinced that that is not actually true. Hivo is not a registered business.

Furthermore, there is no publicly available information as to the real owners or founders of this platform, this means that the founders or owners have taken extra steps to protect their identity.

Why? the entire ploy is to scam from you, thus being able to hide is a major part of the game plan that helps them to escape without having the face the consequences of their actions.

Hivo Trade Review | The Investment Plan investment plans

Hivo is promising you a minimum profit of 3% a day, that is equivalent to 90% profit a month, except that all this is a lie, they have absolutely zero intentions of giving you any profits.

There is no real company in the world that would pay you 3% profit every single day, if it were possible, legitimate companies would be doing it.

Do not fall for the hype that Forex trading or crypto-trading is profitable and can generate all these profits every day consistently. Any company that attempts to do this is either naive or a fraud.

Hivo Trade Review | Other Positive Reviews

We have classified Hivo Trade as a scam, however other websites might classified them as legit or paying, how then do you deal with this discrepancies.

Well first off, notice that every website that classify Hivo Trade as legit has indeed inserted an affiliate link, which means that when you click on it to register, you become their down line.

They start a chance to earn huge profits by promoting these products even if they are a scam, the sweet nectar of affiliate commissions is such that not many people can actually tell the real truth anymore.

hivo trade review, review affiliate commission

Many of these online investment scams know that people would promote them when they add affiliate commissions, thus they ensure they provide you with a very juicy one.

With the above, people can earn as much as 10% by referring you to this scam, that is why people, knowing that a site is a scam, might still promote it.

Hivo Trade Review | Withdrawal History

Again the sweet nectar of referral commissions would mean that some people would post nice nice reviews about Hivo trade usually with their links to convince you to invest.

Even if you receive profits yourself from Hivo, you should know it is in the nature of Ponzi schemes to pay early members to encourage the influx of new members.

While some people on the platform might be claiming to have withdrawn their profits, if you attempt to issue a withdrawal, it might not work.

You are not a part of the cabal that is scamming, you are not going to earn profits, indeed once you let your money out to them, you have lost it forever.

Hivo Trade Review | Conclusion

The real truth is that Hivo trade is here to scam you, in our Hivo trade review, our goal is that at the very least we can save one person from falling for such a scam.

You can support our goal by sharing this article or making a donation to support our efforts to fight these scams.

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