Unbiased Increasure Review 2021 | Scam or Legit?

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Increasure is an investment platform with lots of promises, with this increasure review, our goal is to determine if increasure is a legit platform to invest in or not.

Is increasure a legit investment platform? No, increasure is not a legitimate platform, it has all the attributes of a scam, and in this increasure review, we would attempt to expose this scam.

Now before you doubt us and come attacking us for exposing increasure, hear us out a bit, or better yet visit our graveyard of fake online investment platforms that we have reviewed in the past, all of whom have collapsed.

Increasure review

Increasure Review

When reviewing increasure we tried to remain as neutral as possible, to bring you an unbiased review of the platform, our decision to classify increasure.com as a scam comes from years of experience with these online investment sites, and publicly available information that has been made available by increasure.

Increasure Review | Company Registration

Increasure claim to be a registered entity based in the united kingdom, however the reality might be different. Usually scams who make these claims back it up with some information from company house, but in this case, they didn’t go through the trouble, they know very well registering with company house in itself does not differentiate real, legitimate businesses from scams.

increasure review, inceasure.com review

The real truth is that the operators of this platform might not even know the location they have put up themselves, they only put it up to give you an impression that their business is legit.

Further more, there is no publicly available information about the real operators of this platform, the entire focus has been on anonymity.

The operators are hiding their true identity to enable them run away when they finally shut down their website.

Increasure Review | The Investment Plans

To achieve the goal of dupping unsuspecting investors, increasure has focused its attention on unusually high investment plans. The entire purpose and goal of this are to entice you into thinking you have identified a platform that would solve all your financial needs.

When you see such high rates, you should panic a bit and begin to ask questions, in what universe does a business provide such rates to it’s investors?

Except the only business here truly is to scam you of your hard earned money and disappear into thin air.

increasure.com review, increasure review
increasure.com investment plans

The investment plans here are just outrageous, think of it for a moment, what business can really give you 400% every hour? None!, and yet here is increasure promising you such returns.

What’s more? for a business to pay you 400% in an hour, they should be making more than that amount themselves in an hour, unfortunately, this is ponzi scheme, and no such business exist behind the scenes.

Forget about all the fancy grammar and animations on their website, these people are here to scam you, be weary of the platform.

Other Positive Increasure Reviews

We know from experience that while we classify increasure as a scam, other review websites would most likely classify it as legit and paying.

This is due to the very sweet referral commissions that such websites hope to gain when you click on their links to register on increasure.

Think about it for a moment, almost all websites promoting this are doing it for the referral commissions, they do not care if you get hurt or not, as long as they keep getting their referral commissions.

increasure.com review, increasure review
increasure.com referral commission

Knowing this, increasure decided to offer up to 35% referral commission to websites that promote them.

Before you can truly appreciate the extend of the scam, you need to understand that first of all, referral commissions are paid from deposits.

That means that if someone deposits, a whooping 35% is going to their up line, which leaves increasure.com 65% of the deposit money. How then is increasure.com able to give you 400% in an hour?

Several of these discrepancies exist and were identified in our increasure review albeit we believe we have done a good job warning you about the dangers of increasure.com

Increasure Review | Conclusion

When we write reviews of this nature, the goal has always been to protect you from falling for scams, indeed even if we could save one person from such a scam, we would have accomplished our goal.

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Stay safe out there.

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