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Novawave or is a website that claims to offer financial freedom to people. Nova wave investments makes a lot of wild claims, and in this review, we would take a step by step systematic approach to justapose each claim they make against relevant data and logic to determine if is legit or a scam.

I hate to waste peoples time, so I would simply cut to the chase, to answer the most important question of it all, when review online investments of these nature!

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Is Nova Wave investment legit or a scam?

Unfortunately? Our investigations pending the review of Nova wave ltd. shows that or Nova Wave investment Platform is a scam! Sadly, we need to classify Novawave as one of the many online investment scams that our readers need to be warned about!

Let’s dive deeper into the details, to help you determine why we classify nova wave investment as a scam and not a legit investment platform! Review

Nova wave investment claims to have commenced operation on 2nd January 2024, according to this image on their website; review, Nova wave investment review, is novawave legit or a scam?, what is novawave investment?

This information, corresponds only in part to the date the domain name for Novawave was registered, according to publicly available information on a domain verification website,, novawaveltd.come review, nova wave review, nova wave investment review, is nova wave legit or a scam?
nova wave investment review, novawaveltd review, review, is novawave legit or a scam?

Nowave Investment (Actual website data on company house), reveals that the company was incoporated on 21st September, 2018, and not the 2nd January, 2024 as claimed by the website

Further review of Novawave, reveal that the company was not even incoporated to undertake investment services

The nature of business for the actual Nova wave company are; Non- scheduled passenger air transport and Other service activities not elsewhere classified

Many online investment scams in the past, have used this similar approach, to register a domain name as closer as possible to a legit business, and then claim to be that business. What is worse is that the actual owners of the legit business might not even know that their business name is being used for neforious activities online. The goal of all these is to make you think you are dealing with a legit investment platform.

Actual legit investment platforms, do not use these shady tactics, and so for us, once we see these tactics being employed, we know immediately that a potential scam is on the hook.

Nova Wave Investment Review – The Investment Plans

Novawave investment boast a minimum of 3.14% everyday to 250% after 7 days

Nova wave investment review, novawaveltd review, review, nova wave review, is novawave legit or scam

Do not be decieved my good friend, there is no business, no magic or no platform in the world that can give you 3.14% daily, it simply does not exist, if it were so? don’t you think the world would be full of trillionaires?

For us, these investment plans are a dead give away, they are not realistic, and they do not conform to the standards you would expect of legit investment platforms.

Investing in websites that promises such high returns, is simply a recipe for disaster, the goal is never to exist, but to use the deposits of late investors to pay off earlier investors to assume some level of legitimacy.

Other Reviews

In your search for reviews about nova wave investment, you would come across websites that may classify them as paying, the fact of the matter is that, online investment scams such as these know best to keep paying referral commissions, especially if they can identify that the referral is coming from a reviews website. They would keep paying them, in other to keep their status as paying!

What is worse is that, most of these review sites, simply tells you if the site is paying or not, but even while the review sites might say that a site is paying, the question you should ask is; paying what? paying whom? and for what?. Because, a site may claim an investment website is paying, even when investors are struggling to get their withdrawals.

Final Words – Nova Wave Investment Review

In conclusion, we are confident that Nova wave is a scam, that if it has not already collapsed, it would soon collapse and stop paying its investors, what’s worse? the site might even dissappear entirely, leaving investors wanting.

Our goal when writing these reviews, is as much as possible, warn you about the possible risk factors involved, and help you make informed decisions! It is better to make 7 or 10% profits a month, than 3% a day and lose all your capital!

Be informed

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