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OHO Coin – The Best Humanized Crypto for You

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were designed to replace the rather mundane, archaic, and frankly frustrating banking systems, but in our quest to provide an awesome alternative, many blockchains have proceeded in developing platforms that most often than not, scare off any new individual in the crypto ecosystem.

Oho blockchain, OHO coin
OHO Logo

By creating a completely new system, blockchains ended up being a platform created by developers for developers, leaving the average user out of the ecosystem or at the very least, a minimal participant! OHO blockchain and OHO coin are here to change that for the better.

If you are asked what your bitcoin wallet address is? chances are that you do not have it off the head! Besides this, can you create your own cryptocurrency without a complicated coding process? How about swapping one coin for another without having to use third-party applications which are often centralized?

Here are a few important aspects of the OHO Blockchain that would serve your needs.

Features of the OHO Blockchain

The OHO blockchain has some very interesting features. OHO Basically takes what otherwise would have taken you weeks or months of coding, and present it to you in a browser-friendly way. With a few clicks, you could create any coin you want on any of the existing blockchains using OHO. Below are a few more interesting features or platforms available to you on OHO.

and many more.

Where to Store Your OHO Coins

One of the most important tasks of any blockchain development is its wallets. Without the native wallet, it is impossible for early adopters to save their coins. This means every blockchain out there has its own native wallet.

This is particularly difficult for many new users who dive deep into early coin adoptions, you may need to keep as many wallets as possible.

Like other blockchains, OHO has its own wallet, and here are a few features that set the OHO wallets apart.

How to Create OHO Coin Address using OHO Wallet

The OHO wallet at the moment is a web wallet, which means you can access it via a web browser, like chrome or firefox.

Step 1; Visit the OHO Wallet website

The Homepage of OHO wallet looks similar to the image to the right, You have two options to choose from here;

  1. Create Wallet; This would create a brand new wallet for you.
  2. Restore Wallet; This option helps you restore your wallet using a Mnemonic phrase, Private key, and Keystore file, known only to you.
how to create an Oho coin wallet

Our goal is to create a new wallet, thus

Step2; Click on Create Wallet to Proceed

The first step is to create a Keystore file and password. This is to secure your account. The Keystore file can be used to recover your account.

Enter your password, Re-enter it (Password must be 8 to 200 characters and must contain uppercase, a symbol, and a number), and tick the box to conclude your understanding of the use of the Keystore file and password.

Click on Download Keystore File and Continue after you have completed the tasks above.

how to create a wallet using oho wallet

Step 3; Click on Download Keystore File and Continue after you have completed the tasks above.

Your Keystore File would be downloaded, and your mnemonic phrase would be displayed to you. Keep all these a secret, do not expose them to anyone.

Find a safe piece of paper and write down the mnemonic phrase, after that click on “I wrote down my recovery key” to proceed.

HOW to create a wallet for OHO blockchain

Step 4; Click on “I wrote down my recovery key”

You are asked to verify your Mnemonic phrase. Enter the exact phrase in the given order from the previous step.

Scroll down and click on verify to proceed to the next step.

create an Oho coin wallet

Step 5; Click on Verify to Proceed

You are all done, congratulations, click on Access Your Wallet to Proceed.

How to Create a new Oho wallet

You now have complete access to your OHO wallet. From here you can do the following;

Send OHO

Receive OHO

Play around to get used to it a bit.

OHO wallet

How to Recover Your OHO Wallet

There are instances where you may have lost your computer or need to log in to the same wallet from a different computer.
OHO wallet provides you the option to recover your wallet in a few steps.

Click on Restore Wallet

You have 3 options to restore your wallet.
1. Using Your Keystore (The file automatically downloaded while creating your OHO wallet account after you entered the password)
2. Mnemonic Phrase (24 different words in a specific order, you verified this while creating the account, locate it and use it.
3. Private Key

Choose Mnemonic Phrase

how to restore oho wallet

We prefer to use the Mnemonic phrase in this example. Enter your unique 24 phrases separated by single spacing in the right order, and click Unlock Wallet to proceed.

Enter New Password

how to restore oho wallet

Password must be between 8 and 200 words, and include an upper case letter, a symbol, and a number. tick the box beneath and click on continue to proceed.

Access Your Wallet

recover your oho wallet

Click on Access Your Wallet

The OHO Token Creator

The OHO blockchain provides you the opportunity to create your own tokens without any complicated coding.

The OHO token creator is free to use and supports all existing EVM networks. OHO itself does not charge you for the coin creation, however, you need the minimum required fees of your chosen EVM network to create a coin.

Last but not least, you get an instant audit report for the created tokens.

Here are a few steps to take to create your own tokens using OHO token creator

Step1; Click Here to Visit The OHO Token Creator Website

The OHO Free Token Creator supports a lot of Networks. Indeed, this tool would allow anyone in the world to create his or her tokens for free based on their own network of choice.

how to create your own token, how to create your own coin, how to create your own cryptocurrency for free.

Step 2; Connect Your Wallet

Your coins would be created and stored in a wallet, we recommend you use metamask wallet for ease, however wallet you use, the connection is similar.

Click on Connect your wallet, follow the prompts and proceed.

Step 3; Click on Start Now

You Need to Supply the following;

Token Name, Token Symbol, Initial Supply, and Decimals.

At the Advanced Settings, You have to choose other attributes such as; Burnable, Mintable, Able to Pause, and Able to Blacklist.

Step 4; Click on Create Token

This would prompt your wallet to approve your transaction, you should have enough in your chosen wallet for the gas fees for coin creation on those specific wallets. Remember that OHO itself does not charge you for this.

Once you approve the transaction in your wallet, the contract would be deployed, and after a few minutes, your coins should show in your wallet.

how to create your own tokens for free

Congratulations, you have successfully created your own token.

How to Use OHO Swap

OHO Swap, like the name entails, allows you to swap one coin for another, similar to Uniswap and pancakeswap, but there is more to it. OHO swap provides more than just a swapping platform, it also provides the opportunity for farming, staking, and a bridge that connects two blockchains to perform a swap, more on this later.

How to use OHO swap
OHO Swap Dashboard

The first thing to do is connect your wallet. Click on Connect Wallet in the top right corner of your browser to do this. Follow the prompts to accept the connection on your wallet.

OHO swap is designed to allow you to swap coins and tokens within the OHO blockchain.

It allows users to add liquidity, stake, or farm, but more importantly, it allows the bridge.

OHO bridge exists to enable you to swap from OHO on OHO and OHO on Binance Smart Chain, now that sounds a little confusing, but stick with me.

OHO coins exist traditionally on the OHO blockchain, but there is a BEP20 version of OHO coins. ie. an OHO coin that exists specifically on the Binance smart chain. They both provide equal prices and you can use the bridge to swap between these two.

Our View on OHO Coin

We sincerely believe the days when the value of a coin depends entirely on marketing hype are over, a coin’s utility provides more hope to its holders than just hype. That is not to say that marketing isn’t good, however, marketing a coin without utility leaves much room to be desired.

OHO Coin has real utility, what’s more? It makes life easier for all players in the crypto ecosystem. We sincerely do believe in the future of this coin.

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