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The Best and Unbiased RS Group Review 2021

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RS Group has made several claims on their website but is RS Group legit or a scam? in this RS Group review, we would dig deeper into the secret and dark world of RS Group to get you informed of the dangers of the platform.

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RS Group logo

Why do we call RS Group a scam? In short, the rates they provide are unrealistic and unattainable in the real world, second, they are nothing new, RS Group is operating a scam similar in intensity and propensity to scams we have reviewed in the past.

Indeed, all the claims made on the RS Group website are fake and holds no substance. Let’s dive deeper into the claims made by RS Group.

RS Group Review | Company Registration

RS Group claims to be a legally registered entity in the United Kingdom, we did a search on that, and all that we came up with was this company house listing that RS Group so proudly display.

Have you ever wondered why almost all scam companies provide a listing on a company house to prove their legitimacy?

I will tell you why;

  • Company House does not verify the accuracy of information provided to it.
  • Company house listings can be done remotely

The reasons above make it extremely attractive to fraudsters to use it as a basis for operating and tricking the unsuspecting investor.

Take a look at this disclaimer from company house;

RS global review, RS global company registration, RS GROUP REVIEW
ScreenShot from Company House

Our point here is, a listing via company house is often not enough to prove the legitimacy of an investment platform, in any case from our experience it should be a red flag to you.

One thing you should not ignore is that oftentimes, scammers go through the company house database and find a duly registered company, then create a website with a similar name.

This trick when performed often means that the real operators of the legit business may have absolutely no idea of the scam operating in their name.

Take a look at the image above that RS Group is using as proof of their legitimacy, do you notice the difference? The name provided there is RSGROUP LT LTD, does it ring any bells?.

Moreover, to operate an investment platform in the United Kingdom, a business must;

  • Duly registered
  • Licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

However, our search via the FCA for RS Group global returned zero results. Indeed, these scammers are not registered nor recognized by the FCA.

RS Group Review | Investment Plans

RS Group is extremely cunning, they are providing you with investment plans that make it hard for you to ignore. These are the exact operating principles of a HYIP platform.

The goal is to excite you, ignite your emotions so much that you find it extremely difficult to ignore their red signs.

Look, you are not earning profits when you invest in a scam, and even when you are paid a bit of your money back, or even more, the truth is that you are contributing to the pains of someone elsewhere in the world.

RS GROUP review, RS Group Investment plans, RS GROUP Global
Screenshot from RS GROUP Investment Plan

I will be the first to admit, if these plans were real, they would indeed change your life for good, however, they are not real.

No business can pay you 2.6% daily without collapsing. Forget whatever technical words they use, be it Forex, Crypto, etc. It is impossible, if it were so, these folks would be billionaires themselves.

RS Group Review | Other Review Websites

Chances are that other review websites would claim that RS Group is paying. Watch the wording carefully. “Paying” doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. Paying only means the review website itself is getting paid.

This is how it works; The review websites send users to the scam website with their affiliate links, and affiliate on scam websites are often very juicy. Take a look at the affiliate of RS Group below.

RS Group Referral Commission

As you might have guessed, the affiliate commissions are juicy, the review website needs money, and the fraudulent websites need users.

To keep their operations running, the fraudulent websites continue to service and pay affiliate commissions long after they have stopped paying their real investors.

At orasio, we operate based on donations, and when we recommend a platform, we do a monthly due diligence check via our open forum for our members to share their experiences.

You can trust our review over any other reviews out there, if you doubt us and invest with RS Group, you would suffer a loss. We know this for sure.

RS Group Review | Conclusion

We believe with all sincerity that RS Group global is a scam, it is not different from the many scams we have reviewed in the past.

On your journey as an investor online, be careful of high yield investment platforms, be careful of high-interest rates. If the interest is too high, chances are that it is a scam.

What are your thoughts about RS Group? let us know in the comments.

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