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Rxava is an online investment platform that is promising mouth-watering returns, but is this platform legit or a scam? In this Rxava review, we take a detailed look at the services, the promises, and the business model of Rxava to help you make an informed decision.

Is Rxava a legit investment platform or a scam? The truth is that Rxava, operating as Rxava limited via the website is a huge scam, designed with the sole purpose of defrauding you of your hard-earned money.

rxava review, review

For those of you who might be new to online investments, you should know that Rxava isn’t doing anything new, indeed, there have been many scams like this before and there shall be many after it, if you doubt us, you can visit our online investment scam graveyard and read all the various websites we have reviewed which disappeared without a trace.

The question remains, why do we call Rxava a scam? what are our reasons? Let’s find out more.

Rxava Review

Rxava Company Registration

It is true that a search on company house returns a company called Rxava Ltd that is registered to perform fund management activities, however, we could not tell if this company is the same as the people operating, in past reviews, we have seen fraudulent websites take on similar names to legitimately registered company’s to defraud the unsuspecting public.

rxava review, review
Rxava search via company hose

However, the real issue during this Rxava review isn’t really about company registration, it is entirely about regulation and licensing. While it is easy for scammers to register via company house from the comfort of their homes even with stolen information, the United Kingdom laws strictly demand that any investment activity should be regulated by the financial conduct authority.

Here is a search we did via the FCA on Rxava limited which turns out no results.

rxava review, review
Rxava search via the FCA

The results we got in the rxava review via our search with the FCA wasn’t surprising in the least, many online investment platforms claim to be legit, but then, fail the basic litmus test.

When reviewing rxava, we took no happiness in knowing that it was a scam, indeed our rxava review saddens our heart, that people with the skill set and money to run a website, would actually purpose their website to steal from others.

What many do not understand is that with platforms such us this, even when you win, you contribute to pains and the hurt of many others. This is no way to grow as a society? when people can hide behind the supposed anonymity of the internet to cause havoc. It is disgusting to say the least.

Rxava Investment Plans

A rxava review would not be complete without taking the time to actually tell you about their investment plans.

rxava review, review investment plans

In our rxava review, we came across two investment plans on their platform, the least of which promises 2% profits daily for days, while a higher plan, the starter plan , would give you 4% profits everyday for days.

This means that on the least earning plan on you would earn a total of 140%profits in days while the starter plan would give you 160% in days.

Those are some scary promises made there, these investment plans themselves are a huge red flag, no business, absolutely no business on mother earth can provide you such returns without having to crash at some point.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking, why not go in quickly and make some money, I promise you this, your money is as good as lost immediately you give these guys access.

Many of these online investment plans are designed purposely to steal from you, it doesn’t matter what statistics you see of people withdrawing from the platform or not, most often, all the statistics you see are false, however they it to give you false hopes.

Rxava Review | Conclusion

When we write reviews of these nature, our goal is not to cast another website in bad light, far from it, the goal has and always remain to at least save one person from falling for these scams.

I had fallen prey to these scams while in the university, losing my school fees and student loans, nearly cost me my life, that is why I am determined to do the best I can to stop that harm from reaching another human.

You can save another person by leaving your comment below and sharing this article.

Peace be with you

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