The Best Siba fund Review | Fraud of the Year 2021

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This Siba Fund Review is an independent, unbiased review of siba fund, operating as, our goal is to determine if Siba fund is legit or a scam, and to aid you in making prudent financial decisions.

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Is Siba Fund legit? No! Siba fund is a scam, and a dangerous one. In our review of Siba Fund, we came to the single conclusion that the entire website, was created to scam the hell out of you.

If you doubt us, take a look at the grave yard of fraudulent websites we have reviewed in the past to help online investors like yourself. There are simply just too many online investment scams, each day new one’s are launching, we are unable to keep up with these scams anymore.

Why did our Siba Fund review conclude that is a scam? Here are the details.

Siba Fund Review | Detailed Analysis of the website

siba fund review investment plans

First off, the least investment plan here gives you 4% a day, up to 50% every 4 hours.

My good friend, that alone should scare the hell out of you. 50% every 4 hours, what sort of business is going to generate that amount of profits?

You are a smart man, think about it for a minute, if someone can give you 4% daily profits, that person should be able to make more than 4% profits each day consistently without fail.

For someone to give you 50% every 4 hours, he or she should make not less than that every 4 hours consistently without fail. Which business can really provide such returns?

The usual narratives with many of these online investment scams is either they have some magical proprietary trading algorithms doing all the hard work, but you see, if they truly had such an algorithm, they won’t need your $50 or more.

Siba Fund Review | The Fake Withdrawals

Hear me oh friend, and forget about the withdrawals that are shown on these fraudulent websites, it doesn’t matter the withdrawals that are shown are legit or not, if the business model is fake, you would lose in the end.

Often when people read reviews such us ours, warning them of such platforms like Siba Fund, they think they would be lucky, get in early and get out quick.

The truth is that if you play such a game, you are actually hurting someone elsewhere who might not know better. You didn’t make a profit sir, you benefited from a scam, and that makes you an accomplice.

Away from the emotional rants, here are the facts:

In our Siba Fund review, we noticed that Siba Fund is not so different from the many online investment scams we have reviewed in the past, and they all follow a very similar pattern.

First off, they begin and create several accounts themselves, thus paying themselves on the platform in a process similar to whitewashing, making you think that people are actually investing and withdrawing from the platform.

Other scams like Siba Fund, pays a bit to new investors, they allocate a portion of the deposits that are coming in to pay some members withdrawals.

Often these are members of review websites who have huge followings, just so they can keep up with the positive reviews.

People have lost all conscience folks, they would promote a scam, as long as it lines their pocket with money. If you search Siba Fund reviews, you might find one or two sites promoting it as a legit investment platform, but the reality is far more sinister than it appears.

In our Siba Fund review, we noticed that come what may, Siba Fund would collapse, it doesn’t matter what promises, the business model is wack, there are no real business behind the scenes making profit for it’s members, thus it is robbing Peter to pay Paul until there is no Peter to rob again.

Siba Fund Review | Company Registration

I know you might be wondering how about the supposed company registration, my good friend, the truth is that it doesn’t matter. There is no point even trying to chase it.

However, we did make a search on company house and came back with no results. review, siba fund review registration

We search several iterations of the name Siba Fund Club but came out with zero results, you can perform your own search via the company house website to find out more for yourself.

Siba Fund Club clearly states on their homepage and several packages that they are registered in the Kingdom, nothing can be further from the truth, these guys blatantly lied on their website, and they would continue to lie to you if you trust them with your money.

Siba Fund Club Review | Conclusion

This is clearly a scam, no good would come from investing with a platform of this nature. Remember, when investing, your best bet is to use a platform that actually delivers, not one that would steal from you.

While writing the Siba Fund club review, our sole goal remains to save at least one person from falling victim to this scam, if you find our article useful, consider sharing to save another man’s life.

Scams of these nature, have been known to wreak untold havoc on unsuspecting individuals, this is why we focus our attention to help combat them anyhow we know so.

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