Slytedge Forex Mentorship Review is making lots of waves in the forex education and mentorship business.

With only $91.4 they promise to take anyone and make him or her become profitable trading the Forex market.

How good are these claims and are they any benefits to taking their Forex course?

The forex education master class, in my opinion provide’s top class education to make you a profitable trader.

This opinion is based on personal experience, taking the course, the videos are straight to the point, and there is a genuine attempt to explain each concept as simple as possible.

While I enjoyed taking the course, I haven’t yet joined the forex mentorship program which they offer.

From what I have read, the mentorship program is designed to get you master the entry and exits of the slytedge forex trading strategy. It involves taking up to 1000 trade’s within a year, submitting these trade’s and getting feed back from your personal coach.

If you are looking for a professional forex mentorship course to take, I would recommend to you, I am positive you would benefit, as have I.

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