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Is Stoqman,com legit? In this stoqman review, we take a look at the business activities of and No! We have reason to believe that stoqman is a fraudulent online investment website and would disappear without a trace. In this review, we take a deep look at the services offered on and juxtapose it with publicly available information to help you make a decision.

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Similar to the many online investment scams we have reviewed, we are fairly certain that stoqman won’t survive the test of time, the business model is risky, and covered in secrecy, there are no known independent or third party audits to show that indeed your investments are going to other businesses.

It is highly possible that your investment may be going to Stoqman itself, claiming to be all these independent and third party businesses looking for loans.

Assuming without admitting that Stoqman, indeed brings on legit, third party businesses to benefit from your supposed loans, you should be weary, as the default rate on loans that are as high as 1.9% a day is likely to be extremely high, you are talking about close to 60% in interest rates to the businesses who supposedly take these loans.

Which business in it’s right sense, would take such a loan? Review | Detailed Stoqman Review

There are 3 types of “loans” you can give on, in our stoqman review, we came across 3 different packages, starting from the microloans starting at $12, small business loans starting from $50 and development of the company which has a minimum deposit requirement of $500. Micro Loans

The least rate you find here is 0.9% a day return promised to the “lender”, that equates to 27% a month and 324% a year, excluding compounding interest, let’s take a look. review, stoqman review, stoqman, microloans plan

That is not all, there are several packages involved in this particular plan, the illusion here is that the website is created to make you think you are giving a loan to a third party, while the reality is that you are actually giving the money to stoqman and it’s associates. Let’s dive in further. review | The Business Loans

Things begin to get interesting once you get to the business loans section, stoqman is promising you about 126% in just over 24 days, let’s take a look. review, stoqman review, stoqman, business plan reviews, stoqman investment parameters, stoqman
stoqman investment parameters

These are scary interest payments, which business in it’s right sense would take these loans from you? and if they take, what is to say they won’t default? Just think about it for a moment, imagine that stoqman is actually doing a legit business, would the businesses who take these loans survive?

If the businesses who take these loans do not survive, how do you get your investment back? We are led to believe throughout our stoqman review that indeed there are no third parties, this is just you and stoqman cronies masquerading as independent businesses looking for loans.

In essence, you might think you are giving a loan, but in reality, you are just giving stoqman and it’s cronies free money to spend without recourse.

The structure is such that even when the website collapses, you might not have any recourse as they can defend themselves by saying the money really didn’t go to them, and you would have zero proof against them.

Think about it for a moment, they are the platform, the intermediary and the loan beneficiary, what is to stop them from disappearing with your supposed loan one day? review | Business Development Loan

In the stoqman review, this particular loan was made to look as though you are giving the loan to stoqman itself to develop the business of micro-credit in other countries.

We have however established earlier that all the supposed loans are going to stoqman anyway, thus this is just an add on. What is surprising again here is the rate being promised, there is absolutely no way in the world can provide such profits without fail.

No sensible business man would provide you such profits, except one that has no plans of being back any such profits to begin with, let’s take a look at this business plan. review, stoqman review, stoqman, business development plan

Up to 1.9% profits, plus additional dividend payment of up to 5% is the definition of insane, flee from this website. Review | Conclusion

We have reason to believe that stoqman is a fake platform, it won’t be long before it starts to renege on it’s promises, leaving unsuspecting individuals in the dark and in pain.

When we wrote review, our goal was and remains to save at least one person from falling for this scam, if we did that, we would be very happy that at least we saved one person.

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