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The Best and Unbiased Telcoin Review 2021

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At Orasio, our primary goal is to help you avoid investment scams and to identify legitimate investment opportunities, today we take a look at a very promises token, the Telcoin token designed for financial inclusion, with lower cross border payment cost and instant liquidity.

telcoin review

Is Telcoin a legit project? can you truly trust Telcoin to deliver on its promises? Telcoin has been in development since 2017, the team has a solid reputation, and what is more? the team has a viable working mobile application and real-world usage. While one can not predict what the future holds with 100% certainty, we can with a reasonable degree of confidence declare that Telcoin is here to stay.

What are some Negative Aspects of Telcoin

To be fair, the Telcoin project has great potentials, however, do not expect Telcoin to rise to the price levels of Bitcoin or Ethereum, the total supply of the tokens are 100,000,000,000. While Telcoin might rise, we do not expect a single Telcoin token to be above $20,000 at any point in the future, unless some of the tokens are burnt at some point.

In all Telcoin is a great project by all standards.

What is Telcoin Cryptocurrency?

Telcoin is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is designed to enable smarter, low cost and faster transfer of money across the globe.

The Telcoin system is designed to reduce the cost of remittances and money transfers across the globe by using blockchain technology, and an array of partners in the telecom industry.

What Problem is Telcoin Trying to Solve?

The money transfer industry is filled with bureaucracy, high fees and centralized entities that determine whether to send your money or not.

Western Union and other international remittance companies have a right to refuse your transactions at their own discretion often with no explanations to you.

That inconvenience aside, the total cost of transferring money across the globe is preposterous costing an average of 7% of the total value sent.

Telcoin hopes to reduce these costs to below 2%.
With Telcoin mobile app and several partnerships with telecom companies across the globe, you can send and receive money from the comfort of your home across the world at a lower fee without any hustles.

What is Telcoin V3?

Telcoin v3 is a user-owned decentralized finance and remittance platform powered by active Telcoin users. One major challenge with remittances and cross border payments is liquidity.

You may have a corridor, where one country is dominantly sending funds and the other receiving funds, this brings huge liquidity deficits.

Telcoin V3 is solving that challenge by making active Telcoin users liquidity providers. As such active telcon users who provide such liquidity make some decent earnings while providing near-instant liquidity for the senders.

This is a huge game-changer, and an opportunity for Telcoin users to earn some good money while serving a great need of the world.

What is Telcoin Price Prediction

There is no denying that Telcoin serves a great purpose and would receive lots and lots of usage once many corridors are opened.

Telcoin is one of those rare crypto projects that are not just created for meme purposes or just because the founders have the technical abilities.

Telcoin is actually serving a great need, and as such one can only predict an upward price movement for Telcoin.

The truth is that Telcoin can be worth $10, $20 or even $10,000 however our worry about these price predictions remains the absolutely humongous amount of Telcoins that would be in circulation, that in our opinion is the only limitation to the price increase, that said, the Telcoin project is brilliant, and an absolute game-changer.

What is Telcoin Worth

The current Telcoin price is $0.01621, the Max supply for Telcoin is 100,000,000,000. The full details and statistics can be found on coinmarketcap.

Who Owns Telcoin Crypto

Telcoin crypto was founded by Paul Neuner as the chairman, and Simo Kinnunen as the lead developer, and Adam Kull as the mobile lead, other key founding members can be found here.

Who Uses Telcoin

The purpose of Telcoin is financial inclusion, it achieves this by enabling cross border payments and remittances. However, Telcoin can be used by almost everyone to achieve different purposes. With Telcoin V3, you can provide liquidity to the Telcoin platform and earn profits. The utility of Telcoin is without question, you can use it to send cross border payments, or you can provide liquidity on the platform and earn profits from doing that.

Who Supports Telcoin

Telcoin has partnerships with the following platforms;
Link Aja

All other partnerships can be found here

Where to Buy Telcoin | Which Exchanges Support Telcoin

Kucoin is the number place to purchase Telcoin, other places to purchase Telcoin are;

You can find other exchanges to purchase Telcoin here.
If you are in a jurisdiction where Kucoin doesn’t work, you might want to use decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap to make your purchase of Telcoin.

Where is Telcoin Based?

Telcoin Pte Ltd, the company behind Telcoin cryptocurrency and its associated platforms is headquartered in Singapore.


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Telcoin is a promising cryptocurrency project that is focused on delivering financial inclusion and cost-efficient cross border payments across the globe to anyone with a mobile phone. With Telcoin, You can send money across the globe at a fraction of the cost with instant liquidity through an open corridor. The unique thing about Telcoin is that, it would allow the average user to add liquidity to the platform and to earn profits when that liquidity is used. This is a game-changer that is going to make many people rich across the globe, take advantage of Telcoin now before it becomes mainstream.
Telcoin, the most promising crypto project to invest in. The Telcoin idea is so great that we honestly just want it to succeed and make cross border payments easier for everyone. We believe that Telcoin is going to make a lot of people rich, both token purchasers and liquidity providers on the platform are going to benefit.
Total Score iTelcoin is likely going to beat XRP at cross border payment. We believe the ability to allow users of the platform to allow liquidity to the platform is going to allow Telcoin to leap ahead faster than the competition. In cross border payments, liquidity is often the challenge, once you solve that, your solution becomes feasible and scalable.

The Good

  • Solving a Real Multi Billion Dollar Problem
  • Telcoin has a Working Product (Mobile Apps)
  • Experienced Team
  • Awesome Project Road Map

The Bad

  • Extremely High Total Coin Supply
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