The Best and Unbiased ABR Invest Review 2021

This is an unbiased ABR Invest review based on our experience investing online, and reviewing many of these online investment scams, we do believe we can tell a scam or legit platform based on publicly available information, and that is exactly what we sought to do in this ABR Invest review.

First off, ABR Invest is operating from the url makes a lot of claims on their website that we are here to ascertain if they are legit or not.

Is ABR invest legit? At the time of writing this, we have no reason to believe that ABR invest is a scam, however, we also have no idea what exactly they do with the funds to generate the returns they are providing, let’s dive deeper and find more!


Why do we call not ABR Invest a scam? and yet raise some doubts about them? let’s dive deeper and look at the facts.

ABR Invest Review | What do they really do

When you visit ABR Invest and attempt to actually find out what they do, you come out empty, there is no single information about what they actually do with your money to generate profits for you. Except for this vague statement screenshot below!

ABR Invest review
What does ABR INVEST do?

Which investment activity they actually undertake that is not related to the financial markets remain a mystery and they haven’t taken the time to explain either.

Things begin to get weirder when we took a look at their investment plans.

ABR Invest Review | The Investment Plans

abr invest review
ABR Invest Review

In our various reviews, we look at the investment plans, and compare them to the business models to determine if they are attainable.

Without a doubt, the investment plans presented here can be attained if the platform operators are diligent in their work, unfortunately, there are doubts about the real owners of this platform.

ABR Invest Team Members

In our ABR Invest review, we came across several pictures and names of team members, ranging from CEO to SEO experts, etc. This is a good development, but it doesn’t really take the doubt off, in the past, we have seen people use fake names and images, however, when they disappeared with people’s money, our search for these individuals turned out futile.

Are we saying such a thing is likely to happen with ABR invest? we know not, however, we also know that this could be a great business opportunity if the founders actually do the hard work required to generate the profits.

Unfortunately, we can never know for sure, if the founders are operating a Ponzi scheme behind the scenes.

When we see platforms offering 100% in an hour etc, we know right away it is a scam, because such returns are unrealistic, but a platform offering 2% a month or max 5% a month, we know these are attainable results, hence we find it difficult classifying it as a scam.

If you are the founder of ABR Invest, we encourage you to bring in a little more transparency, like the dorla organisation that actually organize annual partners meeting for its members, and provide them with annual audited statements.

That level of transparency is essential for people investing to get the confidence to actually recommended you to others.

ABR Invest Review | Conclusion

We could not tell for sure if ABR invest would pull an exit scam or not, but we know that the rates they provide are realistic. However, with every investment, there is an element of risk, ensure you only invest the capital you can afford to lose, that way you can participate in the upside of the investment while having enough to protect you in the event of a loss.

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