The Best City Link Fund Review 2021

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City Link Fund Review

In this City LInk Fund Review, we are looking at the claims made on city link fund website, and publicly available information to determine if City Link Fund is Legit or Scam. Ensure you read this and understand the inherent risks involved before you commit your hard-earned money into City Link Fund.

Is City Link Fund Legit? No! City Link Fund Most likely would survive for a while, but eventually, it will disappear like all other scams we have reviewed in the past.

City Link Fund Review,
city link fund logo

City Link Fund Review | Company Formation

City Link Fund Review
About us page

A quick look at the about us page of Click Link Fund shows that they didn’t even bother to change the Lorem text, they failed to give even the most basic pieces of information about themselves.

However, they were kind enough to give us the company registration number with company house which we verified, and there was something very interesting we discovered.

city link fund review
Nature of Business

Why is City Link Fund operating an investment business yet not registered for that? whats worse, our search via the financial conduct authority, the government regulatory arm created to regulate investment firms turned zero results.

City Link Fund is not licensed, neither are they even registered for the business they are currently operating with.

It is equally important for you to know, that often these scams, use registered companies and create a similar domain name to match it up, therefore you can’t even be sure that what you see on company house is the actual legit company on the website.

Whats more, company house registration cost a few pounds to register via the internet, we have seen scams that use stolen identities to register via company house to give the claim of legitimacy to their scams.

That explains why there are no real names or images on any of these websites, and when they do, it is important to understand that even when names or images are used, it is often fake names or images gotten from the internet.

City Link Fund Investment Plans

In our city link fund review, we came across these investment plans, let’s dig deeper to understand exactly what is on offer here.

city link fund review
city link fund investment plans

The least plan here is giving you 5% each day, and compounding, I won’t even talk about the highest plans they have, but even the least plan here sends out a red flag.

city link fund review
city link fund investment plans

The highest investment plans gives you 145% profits a day, if this is not dangerous enough, I know not what to say. However you might be thinking, Orasio, why don’t I put in my money, and then get out quickly?

Well, there are two things wrong with that;

First, Even if you get some profits out, it is not profit, it is actually someone else’s money stolen and given to you, are you willing to be a beneficiary of a crime that causes untold hardship on several others?

Second, most of these scams, once you put in your money, you have kissed it goodbye, there is no way you are going to get that money back.

In our city click fund review, we notice rampant disregard for common decency, and a given or set goal of duping investors.

City Link Fund Review | Conclusion

Are we saying every online investment is a scam? far from it, however, we are weary of unrealistic investment plans, we have reviewed these websites for long, so much so, we can tell from a glance that they are a scam.

Understand also that in our city click fund review, as with every other review, we are essentially looking at the very information they have put out, to help you know that they are false.

We take no pleasure in saying a website is a scam, we wish it wasn’t a scam, because then we as well could benefit, however, it is sad that each day, new scams are launching, more than genuine businesses.

Our goal here is that, at the very least our city link fund review would save one person from losing his or her hard earned money in this dubious website.

Have you invested in ? let us know your experience in the comments section.

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