The Best Position Exchange Review 2023

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Position Exchange is a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, similar to Uniswap and Pancakeswap that operates fully on the Binance smart chain. POSI is a tradable altcoin created by Position Exchange for use on its exchange platform.

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Pancakeswap is the most popular decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain, boasting faster transaction time, and lower transaction fees. These two combinations have led to the mass adoption of Pancakeswap over uniswap which is ethereum based.

Today, one CAKE (the utility token of the pancakeswap platform) trades at $4.102 a far rise from the $0.4 it traded at in October 2020.

It is safe to say that the market case for decentralized exchange tokens has been made and proven by these two top decentralized exchanges in the world.

Position Exchange, however, wants to challenge the dominance of Pancakeswap on the Binance Smart Chain. In this Position Exchange review, we would take an in-depth and unbiased approach to the position exchange, to determine its pros and cons and help you make an informed decision.

It is therefore not a wonder that many others are popping up in an attempt to fill certain voids and also provide value to the crypto community at large and their early-stage investors as a whole.

In the crypto-economy, first often mattering, so stick with us, as you become one of the very few to actually know about position exchange, and to take prompt actions for your own financial interest.

Important Features of Position Exchange

Here are a few important features of Position Exchange

  • Trade Futures on Chain
  • Earn
  • Win
  • NFT’s and More

What Can You Trade on Position Exchange

  1. You can swap your tokens on position exchange almost instantly. The interface looks similar to the one below.
how to swap coins on position exchange

2. You can also trade crypto futures on Position Exchange unlike other decentralized exchanges like pancakeswap or uniswap

3. You can trade Position Exchange bonds as well.

4. You can as well create bonds on position exchange for sale, as an individual or a corporation.

How to Earn On Position Exchange

  • Farms
  • Pools
  • Referral
  • All Bonds
  • P2P Bonds


There are several farms on Position Exchange where you can stake your tokens to earn rewards. Each farm has a percentage payout.

A sample percentage payout on position exchange currently looks like this.

How to farm on position exchange, how to stake on position exchange, position exchange review

There are many staking farms available, however, most of them are centralized, giving them some degree of risk.

Below are some of the reasons you might want to choose position exchange staking farms over the others.

Position Exchange Staking pools are the best


Unlike other decentralized crypto exchanges, position exchange has a referral program.

Once you connect your wallet, you are able to get a referral link for position exchange, to invite your friends over.

Any transaction they undertake, you enjoy awesome commissions.

If you are new to Position exchange, we encourage you to use our referral link to register at no extra cost to you, while supporting us.

What are POSI tokens?

POSI tokens as described earlier are the native tokens of the position exchange platform. It has the following tokenomics;

  • It is a utility token, that also provides trading incentives and liquidity for the Position exchange platform.
  • POSI token is designed to facilitate and incite the decentralized governance of the
    protocol. As such, holders of POSI tokens accrue voting rights proportional to their
  • It is anti-deflationary in nature. i.e increased adoption would lead to increased scarcity, thus increasing the price of the tokens
  • Anti-whale structure; Anti- whale to prevent price manipulation, set a harvest lock
    up period to prevent farming arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and
    dumping in addition to constant buying back and burning of POSI tokens and
    reducing block emission

Where Can You Buy POSI Tokens

Several exchanges have listed POSI tokens, you can thus purchase POSI tokens from:

Is Position Exchange a Good Project?

The position exchange platform is serving a real need, which is the backbone of our decision-making in terms of a project being good.

When Satoshi created bitcoin, it was created to give power to the people, however, for crypto to go mainstream, centralized exchanges have had to take the lead.

However, centralized exchanges can be cracked down by governments, they can manipulate the market, and in recent times, they have proven unreliable.

The need for more decentralized exchanges can not be over-emphasized. The crypto community really does need more and more of them.

Thus Position exchange is a welcome addition to the tools available for use in the crypto economy.

However, having the right tools alone is not enough, we have seen awesome projects like siacoin fail all because of poor marketing.

A project might be solid and yet early investors might suffer losses because managers of the project are poor markets.

This is why the referral program added to position exchange is a welcomed addition, if anything TOR has proven to us that our world works best with incentives, without incentives, goodwill alone might not suffice.

We expect Position Exchange to continue rising and POSI tokens to also have increased demand over the foreseeable future.

Should You Invest in Position Exchange?

It is a good project if you have the money, do proper risk management, do your own research, and invest, chances are that years from now you might be the new crypto millionaire in your neighborhood or perhaps not (smile).

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