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The Best Summary of Theta Network 2021

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Theta is a decentralized video delivery (Youtube Competitor) and streaming (twitch competitor) platform powered by an innovative blockchain and partly owned by its users.

In this article, we are going to help you understand, how theta works, how the theta network performs, which problems the theta coin is trying to solve, where to buy theta coins, where to store theta. We also answer the question, will theta reach $100? and many more.

Theta, Theta coin
Theta Logo

Theta, The Altcoin with Huge Potential

What Problem is Theta Trying to Solve?

Video Streaming Challenges

Live streaming accounts for over 2/3rd of all internet traffic today, and it is expected to keep increasing. Services like Netflix, twitch, youtube, Facebook etc, continue to improve the opportunities that exist for the average person to stream video live across the globe.

This creates huge amounts of data that needs to be transported via existing internet infrastructure. To provide uninterrupted video streaming services, content providers use Content Delivery Services (CDN).

CDN service providers set up servers across the world, in a bid to be as closer to the consumers of these data as possible.

The truth is that, without being closer to the users, live streaming services would suffer from lagging and provide a very poor user experience.

However, by attempting to be as close to the end-user as possible, CDN services become cost-prohibitive, eventually, the end-user suffers from poor streaming experiences due to a lack of more and efficient CDN services.

The problem is getting even more intense, with more and more users coming online and enjoying live streaming services, the need to expand CDN services are ever-increasing, and often CDN services are not expanding enough to meet the bandwidth needs of users.

To streaming sites, the ability to have as many CDN’s as possible to give an awesome user experience comes at a huge cost, often leading to millions of dollars.

These issues are becoming even more prominent with the coming era of 4K, 8k, 360° VR

streaming, and upcoming technologies such as light field streaming. Table 1 compares the

bandwidth requirements of today’s mainstream 720p/HD streams vs 4K, 360° VR and future

lightfield streams, quickly jumping by orders of magnitude.
Theta, theta coin
Bandwidth comparison: today’s 720p/1080p video vs 4K and 360° VR streaming,
vs future volumetric/lightfield streaming

How is Theta Works

Theta is leveraging the power of blockchain technology to provide Decentralized Content Delivery Networks (DCDN). With Centralized infrastructure, huge cost needs to be incurred at huge human resource scales in order to scale CDN networks to provide smooth streaming services.

With the DCDN services provided by the Theta blockchain, individuals can provide CDN services from the comfort of their homes, thus drastically reducing the last mile delivery problems that CDN’s have been trying to solve for decades.

In doing so, users are rewarded with Theta, the native coin for the Theta blockchain.

The company’s mission is to leverage blockchain technology to create the first Decentralized

Video Streaming and Delivery Network whereby video viewers are incentivized to share

redundant computing and bandwidth resources to address today’s video streaming challenges.

Using the Ethereum EVM “World Computer” metaphor, the Theta Network can be viewed as

the “ World Cache ” formed by the memory and bandwidth resources contributed by viewers.


Specifically, viewers across the globe can provide their devices as caching nodes for a hyper-local video delivery experience.

Think about it this way, should you need to access a video on Youtube, your internet traffic has to go through your Internet Service provider, which then queries the DNS network, identify Youtube server IP address, grab the data, and forward it back to your computer.

Depending on how remote you are from the data centre, this journey of your internet traffic could cause lagging and make your viewing experience sour.

However, what Theta is proposing is this;

Someone in your local area can operate a caching node, thus instead of your internet traffic going all the way to Youtube servers, you could simply get your data delivered to you locally.

This would drastically reduce the distance required for you to get the data to your device, and would drastically reduce lagging and improve your user experience.

How the Theta Mesh Delivery Network Works

Theta Mesh Content Delivery Network
The Theta Mesh Delivery Network

How to Earn from Running A Theta Caching Node

Users who provide Theta caching nodes are rewarded with Theta, the native currency of the Theta blockchain.

How to Benefit from Theta

Theta, how to Earn from Theta
Source; Theta White Paper

Why Own Theta Coin

Theta is solving real-world problems, the coins would continue to be in high demand as the world transitions to a completely decentralized world.

The internet as we know it today is centralized with so many points of failure, we believe that the world would eventually move to decentralized internet infrastructure.

When we do, it is services like Theta, DVPN etc, that is doing the heavy lifting in solving real-world problems in a decentralized manner that are going to win.

Why Theta Coin is Going Down? WHy is Theta Dropping?

If Theta coin is going down, it simply means more market participants are willing to sell than they are willing to buy. Things like negative news, directly or indirectly related to Theta can cause the price to drop.

The blockchain economy is also tightly coupled with the price of Bitcoin, as the price of bitcoin increases, most coins prices increases as well. Even coins that provide no real value.

However, if you believe in the problems that Theta is trying to solve, it may make sense to be in this for the long term benefits instead of the short term gains.

Will Theta Reach $1000

For coins that provide real solutions to existing world problems, it is extremely hard not to be bullish on them. Theta is solving a real-world problem, all that is needed for Theta to rise is increased adoption of the Theta Network.

The only downside to Theta reaching $1000 anytime soon is the total coin supply, our research shows that the total coin supply of Theta is 1Billion coins.

The entire video streaming industry is estimated to be worth $149 billion per annum by 2026. This is a huge market, but there would be many players and not only Theta, we fear unless some coins are burnt, Theta may never reach $1000 per coin by 2026, however, from all technical indicators, Theta would reach $100 before 2026.

However, in the long term, indeed Theta may even cross the $1000.

Where to Buy Theta Coins

Theta coins are available on these exchanges;

Where to Store Your Theta Coins

After you purchase Theta coins, it is advisable that you take your coins off the exchanges, remember not your keys, not your coins!. Here are the best wallets to store your Theta Coins.

  • Trust Wallet : Available on iOS and Android
  • Coinomi : Available on Desktop, iOS and Android
  • Exodus : Available on Desktop, iOS and Android
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