Top 5 Best Forex Trading Books

Forex trading is one way to become extremely successful financially, however, to achieve that level of success, you need to be properly trained, one way of getting proper training is by taking a Forex trading course, one other way is through reading and practising the principles in a forex trading book.

In this article, we would be showing you the top 5 best forex trading books in the world that would teach you to make money through the forex market.

Top 5 Best Forex Trading Books
Top 5 Best Forex Trading Books

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The Top 5 Best Forex Trading Books

Number 5 Best Forex Trading Book | Forex Trading, The Basics By Jim Brown

Top 5 Best Forex Trading books
Forex Trading, The Basics by Jim Brown

This forex trading book is available in paperback and cost $21.93.

Jim’s FOREX books are consistently ranked *BEST SELLERS* on Amazon and his new Divergence Method is expected to take off! Jim, from Queensland Australia, is a full-time Forex Trader, currently residing in Vietnam.

His knowledge of currency trading extends over a 14 year period and has evolved from the old fashioned manual charting when he first started in 2002, to trading on multiple screens and entering the arena of automated trading. During this time, he has developed and shared many trading systems for free, and assisted many new traders through various blogs and forum participation.

This book is for those of you who are just starting to consider trading Forex but don’t know where to start, given the abundance of information on the internet. It is a good first book to read, to gain an understanding of the very basics. As an added Bonus, Jim offers one of his Trading Systems, as well as the indicators without any further on-costs.

Number 4 Best Forex Trading Book | Forex Trading for Beginners By Edward Jones

Top 5 Best Forex Trading Books, forex trading book
Forex Trading for Beginners

This book is available for only $4.97 on Amazon, it is available in kindle and pdf formats.

The aim of this book is to give readers a brief overview on Forex markets from the means through which traders can develop the proper mindset when trading, how to trade on the Forex market, why emotional management is critical to successful trading on the Forex market, to discuss some of the favourable qualities a good Forex trader should possess. These aspects of Forex trading will be discussed in depth in the other chapters that follow, but for now, we tackle the basics pertaining to Forex trading as a money-making entity.

This book is for aspiring forex traders who want to use technical analysis for their trading. This will be an introduction of the various indicators and strategies that you can consider using for your trading career.

What you will learn from this forex trading book:

✓Gain a deeper understanding of the forex markets

✓Understand the fundamental analysis aspects of trading

Number 3 Best Forex Trading Books | Trading Bible for Beginners By Thomas Smith

top 5 best forex trading books, forex trading books for beginners, forex trading books
Forex Trading Bible for Beginners

This Forex trading book is available for free as an audiobook on amazon.

Have you heard the stories of people making huge returns in Forex trading? Are you worried you’re going to lose money? The truth is that for one person to make money, another person has to lose. Once you understand that, you can learn about money management, risk assessment, and position sizing. With the proper skills, you can be the one making money on currency, not losing it. 

Will you make money when the market opens tomorrow? Once you’ve mastered the principles in this audiobook, you can feel comfortable knowing your risk has been reduced and that you’re in a winning position with your capital safe and sound. No more stress, staring at your screen, trying to master spreadsheets of constant fluctuations, or losing sleep on it. 

In this guide, you will discover a way of trading Forex that protects your money and helps you make money online with good short-term and long-term returns.

Take away the risk and the strategies used in this audiobook are a blueprint for success unlike anything you have ever seen or heard of before. You will learn: 

Valuable insight into trader psychology

It considers compounded average rates of return

It calculates exact risk per trade

It lowers risk across all asset classes

Number 2 Best Forex Trading Book | Forex for Beginners By Mark Smith

Top 5 Forex Trading Books, the best forex trading books, forex trading books for beginners
Forex for beginners

This Forex Trading Book for beginners is available on Walmart for only $9.95, it is available in a paperback format which means that you most likely going to have to pay extra for shipping, that aside, this is an absolutely awesome book for Forex traders.

Don’t hang around waiting for the next big opportunity. It’s already here. Start Forex Trading today and start making money the clever way. Forex for Beginners is your starting point to a wealthier future!

Your First Step to the Forex Trading World…

Forex Trading is one of the best ways to make money from the comfort of your own home, either as a full time entrepreneur or as a part time enthusiast. With around 5.3 TRILLION$ being traded in currency every day, the sky’s the limit when it comes to potential earnings.

This book contains the first steps and strategies on the workings of the Forex markets, the basic terminology involved, and ways and methods that you need to make money in Forex trading…

Forex for Beginners will teach you everything you will need to know about:

What is Forex and what are Forex Markets?

How did the Forex begin?

What is forex trading? Why is it so popular?

Jargon in Forex Trading

Order Types

Concept of buying and selling in forex trading

Long and short selling

How to Calculate Your Profits and Losses?

Forex Trading Plans

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Once you have mastered the techniques of Forex Trading, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of money you can make…

Don’t hang around waiting for the next big opportunity. It’s already here. Start Forex Trading today and start making money the clever way. Forex for Beginners is your starting point to a wealthier future!

All the Forex Trading books above are good, they will give you enough skills to help you become a successful Forex trader in the shortest time possible, however, we left the best for the last.

Number 1 Best Forex Trading Book | Trade Forex With an Edge By Felix Dolla Dimado

Top 5 Best forex trading books, forex trading books for beginners, the best forex trading books
Trade Forex With an Edge

This forex trading book is available for free on the best forex trading schools website, and also for sale at $3.17 on amazon.

Almost every Forex Trader is aware that over 90 percent of retail traders are losing money in the market, we certainly do not believe those claims, over 80% of students who take our Forex Mentorship class ( are making money, furthermore there is no clear cut data to ascertain the veracity of this claim, and yet it is falsely paraded online by several Forex blogs.

Regardless of our disbelief in that claim, it does not hurt to take your time and learn how to trade Forex before you commit your hard-earned resources (time, money, and mental fortitude).

There are some concepts of behavioural finance that is often not known to the retail trader, and yet is common among them, which often leads to losses in the forex market.

In “Learn to Trade Forex with an Edge”, the author taps into years of experience to bring your attention to subtle yet important things that could mean the difference between wealth or poverty for the retail trader.

This isn’t another book on the Best Forex Strategies to use, No! Heaven knows there are many of those books already available, and yet why do many traders struggle to make money in the Forex market?

Traders make distinctive and irrational decisions using trading strategies based on personal heuristics, and personal biases often with brutal consequential losses in the Forex market.

We take a good look at these behaviours, and we help you identify them, and to avoid them. By the time you are through with this book, you would know you do not need to purchase another supposed best strategy, another supposed unfailing indicator, neither nor another expert advisor to trade the markets for you.

You are positioned to take complete control of your Forex trading career and to direct your energy and efforts towards the simple things that could make or unmake you.

There you have it, a complete list of the best forex trading books that would benefit you, regardless of the state you are in as a trader.

If any of these books serve you well, do not hesitate to leave a comment below to help other readers make a choice.

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