The Latest Future Health / WoodPecker Review 2023, Scam or Legit?

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WoodPecker promotes itself as a blockchain-based investment platform, contrary to the many High Yielding Investment Scams we have reviewed in the past. Our goal in this WoodPecker review is to determine if WoodPecker is a legit investment platform or a scam, packaged with a blockchain appeal.

As usual in all our reviews, we like to answer the important questions quickly, in other not to waste your time, however, reading further to understand our reasons for classifying an investment platform as a scam or not, is crucial in avoiding others you may find online.

So, let’s cut to the chase and get straight to the point in this WoodPecker review.

Is WoodPecker a scam or a legit investment platform? Our investigations point out that WoodPecker is indeed a brilliant scam, one that might last for years, but with every scam, the possibility of a loss is obvious in the long run, proceed with caution.

WoodPecker Review: Why is it a Scam?

At first glance, WoodPecker looks extremely legit, in fact, even for us with several years of experience reviewing such platforms, it took us a while to understand the brilliance that has gone into dealing with a platform such as WoodPecker.

On visiting their website, you are directed to download their app, which by default is in Chinese, but for the purposes of saving our readers, we managed to get to the option required to change the language to English for ease of use.

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This is what the typical homepage of the WoodPecker application looks like, simple, elegant, and straight to the point. While the app is called WoodPecker, there are a lot of references to future health, which is supposedly the blockchain-based technology they are developing to support the healthcare industry in China and the globe at large, but make no mistake, this is an elaborate investment scam.

Future Health Review; The Investment Option on the Wood Pecker App

While claiming that future health is revolutionary in the healthcare system, the future health WoodPecker app has an option for you to invest, and this is where things get interesting, the brilliance involved in this future health scam is amazing and goes to tell the sophisticated levels scammers would go to steal your money.

Let’s dive deeper!

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Future Health gives you the opportunity to invest in their platform, in this Future Health or WoodPecker application review, we noticed a very short span of investment, 7 days being the max, and each day you earn 1%.

While this might not sound alarming, giving people 1% a day in profit, is over 365% in profits a year! this immediately places future health in the category of high-yield investment platforms (HYIPs) and as you might have rightly guessed, all HYIPs are scams.

Second, you deposit USDW, which is Future Health’s very own token into the platform and you are promised a daily yield of 1.5%.

This is an interesting concept, and many are eager to jump onto the bandwagon to earn some quick profits, this increased demand has led to a corresponding rise in the token price against the USDT.

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This platform is serving as a self-fulling prophecy, as long as many people rush to buy their WP token, the prices would keep increasing and they would be able to pay dividends to their investors but should the inflow stops, the graph above would turn upside down, and Future Health may not be able to redeem all tokens in existence.

One positive note is the fact that Future Health pays members in their very own tokens, the challenge is that such tokens are most likely to become useless in the near future.

While short-term earning opportunities remain with Future Health, we would advise that you tread with caution, as Future Health does not clearly define where it gets its profits to pay up to the 1.5% daily yield it promises its members, we can safely conclude that behind the scene, this might be a complicated scam.

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