The Best Yield Nodes Review (Updated 2023)| Dangerous Scam

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Yield Nodes claims to be operating master nodes and giving profits of about 10% each month. Is Yield Nodes a legitimate platform to invest your money, or is it a scam? Let’s find out in this detailed, unbiased review.

Yield Nodes makes a lot of claims on its website, our goal in this Yield Nodes review is to determine if such claims are legit or not.

Yield Nodes Review

Yield Nodes Review

Is Yield Nodes a legit platform? No, despite the seemingly beautiful platform they have created to support their narratives, the business model and the rates being offered are just too high to support any narrative of master nodes.

You should understand that usually when a scam is operating, they can use legitimate business ideas to cloud your judgment, and there may be a couple of websites actively promoting them to benefit from affiliate commissions.

However, the key issue always comes down to the use of high and unsustainable interest rates to attract unsuspecting and unsophisticated investors into investing in such platforms.

Behind the scenes are usually a different story, you should know that what a website claims, and what they actually do behind the scenes could be two very different things, trusting a platform based on mere claims made on their own platform is just one way of losing your hard-earned money to some stranger.

You should know that in our Yield Nodes review, we could not determine if indeed, Yield Nodes has any real master nodes, and even if there were any such master nodes, the profitability of the node system is suspect.

Yield Nodes aren’t the first to start a master node business, however, in our Yield Nodes review, it became obvious that the main goal here is to use high-interest rates to lure you into investing in the platform.

Behind the scenes could be one massive Ponzi scheme that is bound to fail at any point in time.

Yield Nodes Review | Other Reviews

The issue with platforms like Yield Nodes is that for the unsuspecting investor, it is indeed a good place to invest and make money, having begun making some money from the platform, they would become ambassadors for the platform without looking at the business model behind the scenes.

There is also the issue of the sweet affiliate commission that is paid from platforms such as Yield Nodes, think about it for a moment, most websites like ours need revenue to keep operating, and the cheapest and easiest way is to use affiliate links, At Orasio, we realized earlier on that affiliate commissions are great however, we can not fall or promote the very scams we hoped to stop, thus we use a donation system.

The truth is that for most websites, donation systems are unprofitable, thus it becomes extremely difficult to let go of the potential affiliate commissions that websites like Yield Nodes offer.

Do not be swayed to think that because some websites claim a platform is legit, it means it is.

In our Yield Nodes review, we came across several reviews by supposedly actual users of the platform, we get it, they might be excited about all the supposed profits they are making, thus why not share online to bring more people on board?

You see, even if a website is operating a Ponzi scheme structure, it pays the first set of investors, and they intend to become ambassadors for the platform.

We have zero doubt that the people posting positive yield node reviews must have benefited from the platform, what they might be oblivious to is the sad reality that doomsday is coming.

There are people who would obviously benefit from a platform like Yield Nodes and many other scams we have reviewed in the past, however, do not fall prey to such investment platforms, as they have the potential to cost you losses.

Yield Nodes Review | The Investment Plan

Yield Nodes promises to give you 5-15% every month.

Yield Nodes review, review profit plans

This is the major issue, there is no way in hell any master node project can pay this rate of profits without crashing, the profits promised are just too high to be realistic.

How Do I Get My Money Back from Yield Nodes

In 2021, when we first made this post, we had reason to believe that would collapse at some point, we suspected that behind the scenes is an elaborate Ponzi scheme that would come crashing with time.

Our goal for writing this article was to at the very least save one person from falling for something that could ruin them financially, following the publishing of this article, we faced much criticism, critics hailed insults at us through our emails, etc. nonetheless, we held on to our position.

Fast forward to 2022, and Yield Nodes has paused withdrawals, causing investors to aggregate under this website to seek legal redress.

Indeed, there is no assurance that yield node investors might get your funds back, however, this is a great cautionary tale to all online investors. If the promises are too good? perhaps its a scam!

When we write about a website, most often we hope we are wrong, because the amount of scams out there in today’s society is just too much. Stay safe out there.

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