The Best and Unbiased A2 Logistics Review | Worse Scam of the Year

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A2 Logistics Review

This A2 Logistics review has nothing to do with the the freight forwarding company A2 logistics, operating via, and, however, this review focuses entirely on the A2 logistics investment platform operated from the domain name

Reviewing investment platforms can be a little tricky, from outright scams to camouflaged scams, it could be hard to decipher real from fake. Fortunately, with time, the tell tell signs of a fake or fraudulent investment scam becomes visible to anyone paying close attention.

Before writing this review of, we reached out several times to the real freight forwarding company A2 Logistics for word as to whether they are truly associated with A2 investment scam.

Unfortunately, at the time of press, none of the emails we sent have received an answer, as and when that answer is given, we would update this article to incorporate that.

Is a scam? we think so, and here is what we found through our little investigation, putting publicly available information together to make sense of the entire operations of

Why Do We Classify A2Logistics.Org as a Scam

First off, it has all the attributes of the scams we have reviewed in the past, the second thing is that it might actually be worse than the scams we reviewed in the past.

It seem as though this particular website, is operated by people with years of experience running online investment scams, and thus has mastered the act of deception.

A2 Deceptions

The entire website is a clone of a legitimately run business, they take everything from the legit business, and make it look like they are the same company, based on our experience reviewing online investment scams, this is the most elaborate clone we have seen, targeting unsuspecting investors into thinking they are investing in a legit company when indeed they are being scammed.

With my experience, I am willing to bet that the real company, A2 logistics has nothing to do with, this is a trend use by several scamming platforms.

You take a legit running business, purchase a domain name similar to it, and claim to be the legit company only to scam people of their hard earned money.

Don’t take my words for it, here are some details. Review |Domain Registrations | Comparing to etc. review,
A2logisitics review

From the image, you could tell that was registered fairly recent. review, a2logistics review

However, the real A2 Logistics domain was registered in 2006

Now, I understand if you are fairly new to these online investment scams, you might not know, see or appreciate the ways through which scammers can copy, clone or even use existing legit companies to front their illegitimate operations in a bid to scam you, however, even that aside, let us look at the investment plans that is presenting you, let’s find out if it is feasible.

A2 Logistics.Org Investment Plans review, a2logistics review Investment Plans

The least investment plan here is offering you 2% a day, that is 60% a month and over 700% a year. Now I understand the shipping industry is profitable, however, no legitimate shipping company would offer such ridiculous rates.

No good company would take out funds from the public at such a rate. This is key for you to understand and appreciate the angle at which we are tackling this review.

Even if is same as or the legit companies, you should know that being a legit company by itself isn’t enough to sustain such profit payment and with time everything will come crashing hard on you.

If you are investing in, remember you are taking a very high risk, perhaps too much risk than you truly need to take. In this A2logistics review or better put review, we are more than sure that you are running into a trap, and you should perhaps take a step back, re-evaluate all we have discussed in this A2logistics review before you commit your hard earned resources.

Stay safe out there friends.

Be informed

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