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  • Reading time:3 mins read is high yield investment scam popular called (HYIP) that is run on the internet. Today, we dive in to find out if this website is indeed a legitimate business or a complete scam. Our goal is to do as diligent a review as possible. Our research points to this simple conclusion; is a scam. Here is why? registration is not a legally registered company, they are not licensed for the operations they are involved in, and there is no publicly available information as to who runs this. This is a huge red flag, as managing peoples funds is a regulated business, and anyone running such must be regulated.

On their website, claim to be existing since 1992, however, a simple whois search revealed that the website was actually registered in October 2018. Investment Plans

They provide several plans, the least of which is the bitcoin plan, which gives you 300% in 48hours. These scammers put these things here to try and attract as many people as possible.

Do not be motivated by greed! this isn’t any proper investment. You would lose your money if you give them. If you are looking for genuine online investments, find out more here

Payment methods

They use the following methods, bitcoin, perfect money etc. both of which are non-refundable! this means, once they get their hands on your money, you are at their mercy. There is nothing you can do to get it back.

Conclusion is a complete scam, do not fall for it!.

My friends, I do not know what your story really is, and why you keep chasing high-risk investments like this, my hope is that I saved you the trouble or emotional torture of losing your hard-earned money to this Ponzi.

Always double check before you trust any website offering such high rates, and if you must invest, check out other legitimate investment opportunities to make passive income.

Be informed

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