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Bee Capital is a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation that venture fund that is focused on early-stage startups in the blockchain economy investing in these start-ups by giving holders of Bee the opportunity to vote on which of these start-ups should be invested in.

Bee Capital, Bee Capital Cryptocurrency
Bee Capital Logo

Similar to Nekiva, Bee Capital aims to democratize the early-stage investing landscape that was formally the playground of the ultra-rich in society.

BEE is the token for BEE capital

These early-stage investing and backroom deals are what give the ultra-rich the edge over the average investors. Before a project gets listed on an exchange, usually the ultra-rich must have had early access and made deals to buy the coins at a much cheaper price point.

However, with Bee Capital, the average investor would get the opportunity to be a part of these deals through Bee.

The Crypto-currency industry is rapidly growing, with this, any project at all with proper marketing can and would generate huge investments from individuals across the globe, but this has also led to so many exit scams.

With Bee Capital, every project that is considered for investment purposes would be thoroughly vetted by the community and thus reducing scams in the early-stage crypto investment ecosystem.

What are Some Areas of Interest for Bee Capital

Bee Capital is investing in several areas of the blockchain economy. Particularly the interest are in the following areas.

  • SociaFi
  • Metaverse
  • GameFi
  • Blockchain
  • Defi
  • Web3
  • DAO Governance and many others

Tokenomics of Bee Capital

Bee Capital employs brilliant tokenomics to ensure the continued growth of the Bee token.

Bee Capital Tokenomics, Bee Capital Review, is Bee Capital a Good INvestment
Bee Capital Tokenomics

The total supply of BEE is 10,240,000 BEE, out of this 45% was sold at presale, it is this 45% of the total supply that is currently in circulation.

But Bee has far more interesting tokenomics

  • BEE Holders can make a proposal on a project to the community.
  • BEE allows BEE holders to vote on proposals.
  • Revenues generated from these activities are paid back to BEE holders in dividends.

Where Can You Buy Bee Cryptocurrency

Bee is currently listed on the following exchanges

What Wallets Can Store Bee Cryptocurrency

Bee Capital is built on the Binance Smart Chain, hence any wallet that can store Binance Smart Chain Tokens can store Bee tokens. The most popular of these wallets that can store Bee cryptocurrency are;

What are the Prospects with BEE

BEE is solving a very interesting challenge in the field of finance using blockchain technology. We believe that this project could provide some real value to investors around the world if it proceeds with diligence and transparency.

However, it seems as though with all crypto projects, the better it is marketed the higher the value of the token. Thus you can have a really good project and yet without proper marketing, it may not succeed in terms of pricing of the token.

Thus, we recommend investing with caution.

Bee Coin Price Prediction

24 hours after listing on Binance and, BEE Has dropped in value by 5%, this is likely due to a sell-off by an early-stage investor and is in no way a reflection of the project in all.

Listing on popular exchanges often leads to price fluctuations and volatility, however, if a project has an actual use case, then the price of the token would begin to sore in value as more and more people begin to use it.

Coins based on pure hype are bound to fail, but BEE is based on an actual use case, solving actual problems and thus we believe it is only a matter of time before BEE coin begins to moon.

BEE Coin Value

The value of Bee Coin at the time of press is; $0.5995 the live market price can be found here.

BEE Capital Vrs Nekiva

Both Nekiva and Bee Capital are solving similar challenges, all of these tokens are based on the Binance smart chain and both are listed on Pancakeswap.

There isn’t much difference between these two projects except that at the time of writing BEE has had further developments compared to Nekiva.

If you believe in BEE capital, you might want to check out Nekiva as well.

Who is the Founder of Bee Capital

At the time of writing this article, there isn’t any publicly available information on their website or their Twitter pages as to who the actual founders of this platform are.

Bee Capital Review, Bee Capital, BEE Token
Twitter Page

This may raise some concerns about the future of the platform for some people, however, this is a very common approach used by blockchain developers, usually for security concerns but this same approach has been used to scam investors without any traces of the founders.

What are your thoughts on this amazing platform, let us know in the comments below.

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