The Best and Unbiased Bitochen Review 2021 | Scam or Real?

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Bitochen is a new investment platform with some of the highest interest rates, but is this a scam or not? In this Bitochen review we take a deeper look at the deep issues surrounding the platform.

Is Bitochen legit? No!, Bitochen is an online investment scam designed to prey on unsuspecting investors with the promise of high interest rate.

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Detailed Bitochen Review

In our Bitochen review, we realized that bitcochen doesn’t say much about what it does, it only says we should invest in Bitochen and then give us investment plans.

The question we have however is if these investment plans are realistic? Let’s take a look.

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The least plan here promises you 10% profit a day forever, unfortunately that is just lame, there is no way this business or any business for that matter can provide you or anyone else 10% profits each day forever.

Forget the fancy website design, or whatever weird business they tell you they are involved in. Investment plans of these nature are just pure Ponzi schemes.

Bitochen Company Registration

In our Bitochen review, we came across a company registration. It is important to understand that company registration alone does not make a company legit or not, if the underlying business model is fake, obviously it is going to fail.

Also registering via company house is the easiest thing to do, most people just do it online, and most scammers actually use stolen information to do this registration.

We have also observed situations where the actual company shown is not the operator of the website, scammers have no issues at all, identifying a legit running business and registering a domain similar to the legit business to prove that they are legit.

Amazingly, all these online investment scams are registered in the united kingdom via company house or claim to be registered there, however, a company registered in the united kingdom is not allowed to conduct investment activities until they are regulated and licensed by the financial conducts authority.

Ironically all the search we did via the FCA came back with no results, that is not surprising really, there is no way a scam of this nature would even dare to approach the FCA.

My friends, it is entirely possible to find legit investments online, but you need to be extra cautious about the promises they are making to you.

If the rates are too high, chances are that it is a huge scam. Even if you are desperate to invest, what good will it serve you to lose your money?

Bitochen review | The Deposit and Withdrawal Function

The entire goal of platforms of this nature is to steal from you, the deposit and withdrawal history is shown live to you, to entice you into thinking that the platform is legit.

Some platforms are of the habit of paying you a bit of your own money to turn you into an ambassador, that is why you see some websites or individuals actively promoting such platforms.

The truth is that, Bitochen has no problem paying referral commissions and would gladly show that in the withdrawal section to entice you.

It is this same referral commissions that lead many websites to classify Bitochen as legit, when the truth is that it is one huge scam.

Bitochen Review Conclusion

When we wrote bitochen review,, like many other scams we have reviewed in the past, our goal is to at the very least save one person from falling for such a scam.

You can help us achieve our goal by sharing this article or leaving a comment of your real experience to help others avoid this scam.

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