The Best and Unbiased Irl-Wallet Review 2021

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The irl-wallet review focuses on and the activities and promises made on the website, the goal is to help you identify if is legit or not.

Is legit? No! is a scam and you should stay away from it. here is why.

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Irl-wallet review | The details

What does Irl-wallet do? In our irl-wallet review, claims to be a cryptocurrency wallet, with an option for you to lend and earn more profits.

Over the last couple of years, cryptocurrencies have become especially popular, thus driving in new members to the crypto-community who might know very little about wallet safety, etc.

From our review, it is our understanding that the platform is designed to trick new users into the crypto-currency business and to exit with all their coins without a trace.

Why do we say this.

First of their supposed wallet is under development, all that is available now is a web platform where you deposit crypto-currencies and supposedly lend them out to others.

Unfortunately, the platform does not state whom you are lending to leaving us to conclude that you are lending to the platform itself.

A little reading on the website points out that it is one of the many HYIPs, and scams we have reviewed, but one with a team of experienced fraudsters hoping to use jargon and terms to confuse you into investing your hard-earned money into an insecure, uninsured platform. review | Investment (Lending) Plans review, irl-wallet review review

We have already established earlier in our irl-wallet review that the lending done on is actually an investment, in the sense that the lending is to the platform itself, not a third party.

This raises a number of questions;

Is there a business that can provide you at the very least 1.2% profits each day? we doubt that, and experience has shown that all the platforms that come out with such ridiculously high plans end up collapsing after a short while.

It is not a sustaining investment, and you should stay out of it, even if the intentions of the founders are genuine, you can not trust them. review | the founders

This bring us to a very important question, who are the real founders of

In our irl-wallet review, we came across a simple truth, the truth is that the platform was created right out of the box to scam you, which means the entire time you are investing, extra steps have been taken by the founders to stay anonymous and avoid detection.

How about the company registration you might ask? In all honesty, even company registration is not enough to save you against a well-organized scam.

In our review, we noticed a company registration with opencoperates, does that change our minds? not at all. Company registration does not change the fact that 1.2% a day profits would obviously end in tears.

Company registration does not mean they can’t disappear, and what’s more? we have seen websites claiming to be registered companies of whom the actual companies have zero idea of their existence.

In our irl-wallet review, we could not tell if indeed the said company listed there is truly the same company running, however, we do know that the business model, at least one found on is not sustainable, and would lead to tears for many people.

Irl-wallet review | Conclusion

If you are reading this review after you have been duped by the platform, my heart goes out to you. unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to help you at this time.

However, we encourage you to report to your local law enforcement agency.

Note also, that we have seen instances where another team would claim that they can recover your funds if you pay them, that is often a scam.

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