The Best Bitvio Review 2021

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Bitvio claims they are making crypto work for you, in today’s bitvio review, we would be looking at these claims, and helping you decipher of bitvio is a scam or not.

If you are wondering if Bitvio is a scam or not? the short answer is that, indeed bitvio is a scam

Why do we say Bitvio operating as is a scam, not different from the many online investment scams we have reviewed in the past. Let’s dig in to find more.

Bitvio review review
Bitvio limited logo

Bitvio Review | Investment Plans

We can not do a thorough Bitvio review without talking about their investment plans, usually the investment plans themselves are enough to give away the nature of the investment platform you are reviewing, and is was no different.

bitvio review review
Bitvio Investment Plans

The least plan here is promising you 4% a day, that is 120% a month, that sounds lucrative right? except, if you try it, you would make the earnings alright and you would see them on your dashboard, but your withdrawal would not be honored.

Usually, most people assume they would be the lucky one, they would go in quickly and come out, unfortunately, you would come out in a loss.

The entire structure of hyip is designed to steal from you, not give you any profits, also forget whatever they tell you they are doing with your investment, the truth is that, has just one business model, horde funds, and disappear.

Bitvio Review | Founders of

An orasio review would not be complete without looking at the founders of the said platform, in our review, we looked at the founders, the information publicly available, not that they provide any substance, however, it is important we talk about it, so that information is not used to boost your confidence into thinking this business is legit.

bitvio review review
Bitvio registration

You are probably wondering, is all this company registration for nothing?

Yes, absolutely, it really means nothing, and here is why;

It takes a couple pounds to register a company via company hours in the united kingdom, and it can be done remotely, stolen identities are often used to create these fraudulent companies to give you the impression that they are legit.

That aside, some people actually search the company house database, identify a company in good standing and buy a domain name similar to that registered company, to give the impression that they are actually registered.

Bitvio Limited is registered to operate as a bank, the question we should be asking is whether it is actually regulated. Anyone with an internet connection can register a business claiming to do banking, however, not everyone can go through the rigorous process of actually getting licensed for a banking business.

In our bitvio review, it became obvious that the website was operating an investment scheme, however, throughout our review process, we could not find them on the Financial Conduct Authority’s list of registered and licensed businesses.

This means, they are operating at the blind side of the law, and thus are taking extra steps to ensure their identity is hidden. This explains why in our bitvio review we couldn’t locate any real information about the founders, as much as we searched and combed social media.

Bitvio Review | Other Matters

How about the payment statistics that are shown?

If all we have discussed above doesn’t convince you to stay away from this scam, nothing else will, however, let’s explain further for you to understand.

Deposit and withdrawal statistics are often faked on this websites, bitvio wouldn’t be the first to even do it. It is in their interest to make the website as enticing as possible to get you invested.

What about the payments I have received , it is not a scam!, okay, slow down show boy, that is the exact trick, like other online investment scams, would pay you a while, sometimes if you are lucky you might get 40% or more of your capital back, why? to build trust, by doing that, they turn you from victim to recruiter, and the massive referral bonuses are there to entice you to do exactly that.

Bitvio Review | Conclusion

Definitely, Enough red flags! Stay away!

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