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Adneza claims dedication to high returns and expert fund management. However, as an investor, relying solely on the platform’s words is risky. As with any investment, it is crucial to undertake a meticulous examination of the specifics before making any commitments. In this Adneza review, our goal is to dissect these claims and help you make an informed decision in your quest to invest online and make good money!

Adneza Review; The Claims

Adneza claims to be using AI in cryptocurrency trading for improved results which enables them to pay higher returns to their clients, however there is no way to verify if these claims are false or not? We know that AI is the buzzword these days, and almost every platform is using it to drive home investors.

However, just because someone claims they are using AI does not neccessarily mean they are, or even if they are, there is no proof that said AI is as efficient as they claim.

When it comes to investing online, you should take a defensive approach, it is a cruel world out there and people are doing anything they can just to make something for themselves.

Up to this point, we were just skeptical of Adneza however, it is the Adneza investment plans that actually gave them out! We don’t care if it is a super AI, such returns are just outrageous in the world of finance, and should be an immediate red flag for anyone looking to invest. Lets take a look at it

Adneza’s Investment Plan

There is absolutely no way Adneza could honor any of the investment plans below, we can safely conclude that Adneza never planned to honor any of its investors, it simply created a system to scam people of their hard earned money.


Adneza has all the characteristics of Ponzi schemes, indeed, from our vast experience researching and writng articles about these scams, we can tell from the characteristics of the website that it is a Ponzi scheme.

The way to show you deposits and withdrawals live on the website is all part of an elaborate ploy to fool you into investing.

Stay away from it, save yourself the stress of getting scammed, there is no hope here for you.

If you truly want to learn to trade Forex or Cryptocurrency professionally and avoid these scams in the future, we recommend Nister to you, Nister is a tight community of traders and they teach you everything you need to become a professional trader and to make money via the forex or cryoto market.

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Stay safe and invest wisely!

Be informed

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