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Qnet classifies itself as a direct selling business that has been honoring its promises for 24 years and counting. However, claims of the Qnet scam abound the world over. In this Qnet review, we use an unbiased approach to locate, analyze and demystify QNet to help you make an informed decision.

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What is Qnet?

Qnet describes itself as a global eCommerce-based direct selling platform, that provides customers around the globe with high-quality products, giving you the opportunity to build a sales business by selling these products.

Some category of products available for sale includes?


Is Qnet a Scam

Qnet claims to be a company that utilizes the direct marketing approach to selling its products.

Direct marketing is the business of selling products or services directly to the public without the use of retailers. For this to be effective, there must be reward incentives.

Any direct marketing approach without appropriate incentives is bound to collapse, and thus incentives are a big part of the business.

It is this incentive-driven nature of direct marketing that can be abused to the detriment of all.

For starters, the company has to recruit its first set of members, who equally consume their products, then encourage those members to sell to others, gaining some profits, and the interesting part, should you recruit someone to sell the products like yourself, you get a percentage of their profits in addition to your own profits made from the sale.

The structure above is akin to a pyramid scheme in many sense, your downlinks work hard, sell products and you make some profits on it, with time, many would rather recruit others to do the selling while they gain their percentages.

Perhaps the only difference between this incentive-driven pyramid and the traditional pyramid schemes is the availability of a product.

In a usual pyramid scheme, there is no product or services, you just convince someone to join you as a downline, paying some money from which you gain some profits and your downline convinces another to join, in a large scheme of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Anatomy of a Ponzi scheme, is Qnet a scam, Can Qnet make you rich
Anatomy of a Ponzi Scheme

The availability of a product makes it hard to classify Qnet as a Ponzi scheme, but this doesn’t mean the platform is entirely innocent, incentive-driven behavior in any market is known to be abused often with impunity.

It is impossible to determine if these abuses are made more prominent by the design of Qnet or same was the intention from the very beginning.

How Does Qnet Work in Practice

In our attempt to understand Qnet, we opted to go through the process, however, our very first roadblock was the absence of a referrer.

How does Qnet work, Qnet scam, register for Qnet
How does Qnet work

Without registering, we could not actively use the Qnet platform, fortunately, we reached out to some people with experience of this on TikTok to learn from their experiences. This is what we learned.

How Did You Get into Qnet

A friend reached out to me, exposing the Qnet business to me and how much money can be made from doing simple tasks.

What Happened Afterwards

I was encouraged to come for their training to learn more about the business and to begin making money in no time.

What Happened at the Training

I was asked to pay the equivalent of $500 for the registration and purchase of the first set of products, which I did.

Did You Ever Recieve the Products?

No! I never did, instead, I was encouraged to call my other friends to also register and join the business.

Did You Ever Make Money in Qnet?

No, I didn’t.

Why Could You Not Make Any Money?

Well, I couldn’t convince anyone to join as my downlink, and second, I never received the products I purchased to even sell. The entire training program was filled with desperate young people, camped at a location, who are actively calling others to join them. It became obvious to me, I would not be able to make any money here

Do You Believe Qnet is a Scam?

Yes! A complete scam with a cult-like following

Experiences like these abound worldwide, in some parts of Africa, people who join these training programs are known to have been camped in an isolated location for long periods of time, amidst several waves of abuse.

One might argue, that Qnet in and of itself, does not constitute a scam, perhaps you are right, but their incentive-driven platform has been used to defraud several people across the globe.

While the company has been largely free to operate, we believe they need to be held responsible for some of these irresponsible practices that are perpetrated in its name.

Can Qnet Make You Rich?

Despite its controversial approach, many believe that with hard work and some smartness, Qnet can make you rich. Indeed, if you want to become rich by recruiting others to join you in a pyramid scheme style of business, Qnet is probably your go-to place.

There have been pockets of Qnet successes displayed globally, we can not independently verify if these successes are true success stories or a marketing stunt, but we do know that if you truly want to make money selling products, the money you use in registering for Qnet, and the purchase of the Qnet products can actually be used to start a small scale business wherever you find yourself.

Truly become your own boss, instead of being at the mercy of cunning recruiters whose only goal is to gain their commissions from your activities on QNet

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