24Deposit Scam

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24deposit is one weird online investment that is supposedly registered in the UK. on their website, 24deposit claims that they have a valid registration number; 11552656. Our search in the company house brought this result.


This is interesting, 24deposit gave a number that corresponds to Deposited Ltd. At this time, we have not been able to verify if indeed deposited limited is indeed the same as 24deposit, or whether Deposited Limited actually operates the 24deposit scam.

It is common for these online scams to look for legitimate companies, and use a name similar to them to create their online website, thus claiming legitimacy over a long term to the unsuspecting public.

It is equally very easy, sometimes costing as little as 12 pounds to register a company online in the UK via company house. Thus merely being listed in company house does not mean you can not be a fraudulent business.

24Deposit Investment Plans

24deposit investment plans
24deposit Investment Plans

This is where things get interesting. The least of 24deposit investment plans give you 5% profits each hour and can go as high as 90,000% after 10 hours! Amazing right? but wait! if someone has the skill set to generate this amazing returns, why do they need your investment?

Could they be, they just want to help you? help stop world poverty or whatever other lies they send around these days? No! the truth is that, they are not doing any thing with your money, they are not trading, they are not investing your money anywhere, they are only reshuffling your money, taking new deposits to pay interest to old clients, until they hit their target figure and disappear with your money altogether!

24deposit our Verdict!

24deposits is a scam!!! Do not give them your money.

My friends, I do not know what your story really is, and why you keep chasing high-risk investments like this, my hope is that I saved you the trouble or emotional torture of losing your hard-earned money to this Ponzi.

Always double check before you trust any website offering such high rates, and if you must invest, check out other legitimate investment opportunities to make passive income.

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