Yet Another Scam?

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  • Reading time:3 mins read is an online investment platform with the structure of a Ponzi scheme. In this article, we would provide a comprehensive review to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether you want to be a part of this HYIP or not. review
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Claims made by

  • Offers you 4% profits a day kinda forever
  • No expiry date for investment plans

Red Flags by

  • Ponzi Scheme structure
  • Hidden ownership
  • New website with huge claims
  • Extremely high rates of returns
  • Unregistered business
  • Unlicensed business
  • No real business

In our opinion is just one of those HYIP sites out there, with a cute website, who’s only business is to take your money. Do not invest your money with these guys.

If you want a legitimate investment, consider choosing from here.

Remember, no business out there can survive by giving you even 1% profit a day. Think about it for a moment, before someone gives you 1% he must have made more than that to cover other expenses the business might occur.

If a trader is actually making that 1% profits each day, he has no need to trade with your money for any reason.

They put up these websites, they know that high rates would attract you to join them, and of course they will pay the first few to join them with money from those who join later.

After pocketing a huge amount, they shut down the website and disappear, never to be found.

My friends, I do not know what your story really is, and why you keep chasing high-risk investments like this, my hope is that I saved you the trouble or emotional torture of losing your hard-earned money to this Ponzi.

Always double check before you trust any website offering such high rates, and if you must invest, check out other legitimate investment opportunities to make passive income.

Be informed

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