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Each day, we at Orasio take the opportunity to review the many online investment opportunities that exist on the internet. We review each website, its claims, and score them on several factors to determine if they are legitimate or fraudulent!. Today we review Finums Inc and the claims they make.

Finums claim to be the reputable source of investment, right on their homepage.

Finums claim

and yet, much of what they claim to do is a complete lie and fraudulent to say the least. Let’s Evaluate their claims with factual information.

Finums Registration

Finums claim to be registered in the United Kingdom via their faq, the link they provide for verification does work, which would make you believe they are legit right? read on!.

finums registration

Listen friend, it takes only 12 pounds for anyone to register a company online in the UK and get a link to place on their website to claim their authenticity. What’s even worse? if you do not live in the UK, there are services that would charge you as little as 50 pounds to get this registration done on your behalf. Thus, merely having your company listed in the company house does not provide you any credibility.

But, we did not stop our search there, maybe this company actually existed and got registered in the UK, so we searched Finums in company house, and this is what we found.

Finums Ltd

Great, this means Finums was registered somehow in the UK, but unlike the bold claim on their website (since 1986), Finums was actually registered on 2nd October 2018, according to company house but dissolved via compulsory strike-off on 10th March 2020.

According to company rescue, a compulsory strike-off, also known as dissolution, occurs when a company’s legal existence is removed from the Companies House register.

It can be voluntary if directors decide they no longer have a use for the company, or it can become compulsory, by a third-party petitioning. The third party is most usually Companies House, who raise the petition by non-compliance to filing accounts or annual statements. Before being struck off, the request is placed in the Gazette, with a two-month period for any other person to object to the application.  If the strike-off is voluntary you need to send in form DS01.

Given the continuous operation of finums on the internet, it seem to be, the latter was the case. Company house or a third party caused their dissolution for one short coming or another.

Finums Investment Offers

Finums provide 4 plans in all. They are termed as;

  • Stable Plan
  • Conservative Plan
  • Moderate Plan
  • Aggressive Plan

These plans provide interest rates ranging from 0.3% a day to 2.9%. Does this sound too good to be true? yes! that is because it is a scam! No business on this earth, no investment on this earth, where you sit back and expect someone to give you up to 2.9% a day.

So why do Finums and many other online investment scams resort to using these high rates of returns?

The answer is simple, humans are incentive driven, to get someone to work, you need to incentivize the individual. Scammers know this, they know if you are looking to invest online or looking for online investments, you are looking for an opportunity that would bring you some profits. What better profits than to make a claim of legitimacy, while giving you higher profits?

These high rates drive people in, and for a while they would pay you some profits, often from money’s they have collected from others. You get excited, you throw all cautions against the wind, then you see their affiliate program. Awesome right? Get 10% from referring another person to them. Sounds good enough, right? you begin to refer your friends, and family, they put in more and more money, while these scammers pay you back with as little as possible, until one day, you go online, check their website, and they no longer exist!.

Classic scam move, perpetrated by people who have very little conscience.


Flee for your life, however, if you must invest at all cost, consider one of these legit sites we have investigated.

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