The Best Forex Profits limited Review 2021

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This Forex Profits Limited Review focuses on the claims made by Forex Profits, and juxtapose it to existing facts to determine if Forex Profits Limited is a scam or not.

Is Forex Profits Limited a scam? Yes! It is a shameful scam that lies right on its own homepage, indeed the lies on this website gave us lots of laughter while reviewing Forex profits.

Why do we say Forex Profits limited is a scam? Let’s dive in to find more details.

Forex Profits Limited Review | The lies

Forex profits limited review
forex profits ltd review
is a scam?
forex profits ltd

In our Forex Profits limited review, we came across this bizarre statement, we use the word bizarre because, in our experience, no scam can actually survive for over 5 years, is an exception to this rule? turns out, they aren’t different from all the other scams we have reviewed in the past, Here is how we came to that conclusion, a simple search.

forex profits limited review
is forex profits ltd a scam review
Actual domain registration dates

It turns out, Forex profits limited, operating as was actually registered in 2020 not 2016 as claimed on their website. Why would they make this lie which is easily verifiable? Let’s move on, I will tell you why.

Forex Profits ltd Review | The Investment Plans

forex profits limited review
is a scam
Forex Profits Limited Investment Plans

The actual reason that most of the scams lie can never be known, except that they are scammers, and lying is their profession. However, you could see clearly here that the goal is to actually get you emotionally attached to their investment plans, so much so, you do not have to do any further investigations about them.

Indeed, it is their hope that even when you investigate them, and find several articles like this that call them out as scam, you would ignore them hoping your experience would be different, it won’t!.

Take a good look at this investment plan up, which legitimate business is going to make that profits to pay you that much? Think about it for a moment, and let that sink in.

Forex Profits Limited review review
is forex profits a scam?
Forex Profits ltd

Plan 12, they claim gives you up to 2000% in a little over 4 months, and you believe that? If you doubt our forex profits limited review, just in case you don’t believe us, take a look at all the scams that have collapsed ever since we called them out!

Forex Profits Limited Review | Company Registration

Understand this, any business that is operating an investment company in the united kingdom, needs to be regulated by the Financial Conducts Authority.

All our queries and searches via the FCA website returns zero results. Indeed in this forex profits limited review, we took extra steps to determine if we can actually locate the directors of on any social media platform, and came out with zero results.

The company house registration, does not offer legitimacy to Forex Profits Limited, A scam is a scam, flee from it for your own good.

The founders of are using full anonymity, to mask their true nature or location, all that is carefully planned in advance to avoid detection when they finally shut down their website and disappear with your hard-earned money.

Often, when we write reviews like this, there are a group of people who would read all the dangers, and still go ahead and invest in such a dubious business.

Only to come back asking how they can get their funds back, frankly, we can’t help you once you commit yourself into any scheme, we are the website we hope you read from before you invest in any business, our role is ultimately to warn you, albeit the Enos lies on you to take responsibility for your own financial future.

It is my hope that you choose well.

Forex Profits Limited Review | Conclusion

Scam! Flee from it

Be informed

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