Top 5 Best Free Forex Trading Courses

For most people starting their journey to become professional Forex traders, you have several options available for you, you can take a Free forex trading course from one of the top 5 forex trading schools or get one of the top 5 best forex trading books to guide you.

Forex trading courses comes in different forms, however, if you are a beginner, getting a free forex trading course to get you started is one of the best moves you can ever make.

In this article, we would present to you, the top 5 best free forex trading courses you can take to improve your forex trading results. Let’s dive right in.

Top 5 Best Free Forex Trading Courses

Number 5 Best Free Forex Trading Course | Forex Trading For Beginners (Free Guide) | TradingGator

Free Forex Trading Course, Top 5 Best Free Forex Trading Courses
Free Forex Trading Course

The Free Forex trading course; Forex Trading a Free Guide for beginners takes you through the very basics of Forex trading, explaining the various points, terminologies and gets you to understand all the terms you need to understand in the Forex market.

After taking this course, you would undoubtedly acquire the necessary terminologies to speak like a Forex trading professional. Besides defining the terminologies, this course proceeds to show you the different forms of Forex trading strategies that you can choose from, and also a few of the brokers you can register with and how to register with them.

It is safe to say that this course is completely an introductory course and you would not acquire any trading skills or expertise here that would actually make you some money, but when it comes to understanding the very basics of Forex trading, this free Forex trading course does a very good job.

Number 4 Best Free Forex Trading Course | Free Forex Trading Course By Alphax Capital

Free Forex Trading Course, Top 5 Best Forex Trading Courses
Free Forex Trading Course

This Free Forex trading course is designed for beginners, you will learn the following;

  • Learn how to manipulate economic data; Prospect the best currencies to speculate in, Discover where the smart money is (Hedge Funds, Institutions, Family Offices and Investment Banks.) & how you can take advantage of this.
  • Learn the exact framework experts use to generate trade ideas; Discover which currency crosses are best to trade in the current trading environment, eliminate poor trades before you even spot them.
  • Learn the forex trading strategies professionals use to profit daily; Discover how experts find high probability trade forex setups every day, Perfect to trade in any timeframe, Step by step guides on each strategy and how to use them.
  • Learn the exact tools industry professionals use to increase profits & reduce risks; Learn to trade forex using a simple trick that can increase your profits by 100% or more, Learn how to manage risk just like fund managers, Industry proven tools to automatically calculate performance-optimised trades.

This course provides a lot of value for your time and would be better suited for people who are ready to take action, but if the fourth option is this good, what about the very best? the number one forex trading school, and the best forex trading course provider.

Number 3 Best Free Forex Trading Course | FREE ‘Beginners’ Forex Trading Introduction Course by Nial Fuller

This Free Beginners Forex Trading Introduction Course was created to help novice traders understand all the basics of the Forex market and Forex trading in a non-boring format. This beginners course will also cover the basics of price action trading, forex charting, technical analysis, traders psychology and many other important subjects.

In this Free Forex Trading Course, you would learn the following;

Part 1: Introduction To Forex Trading

Part 2: Forex Trading Terminology

Part 3: Long or Short ? Order Types And Calculating Profits & Losses

Part 4: What is Professional Forex Trading?

Part 5: What is Fundamental Analysis?

Part 6: What is Price Action Trading Analysis?

Part 7: Introduction to Forex Charting

Part 8: What Is A Forex Trading Strategy?

Part 9: Common Forex trading mistakes and traps

Part 10: What is Technical Analysis

Part 11: How to Make a Forex Trading Plan

Part 12: The Psychology of Forex Trading

Part 13: Professional Price Action Forex Trading Strategies

For a free forex trading course, this does really go into a lot of details and is designed to make you get a gist of the entirety of Forex and how you can go about making money profitably from it.

Number 2 Best Free Forex Trading Course | Free Forex Trading Course By Earn Forex

The Forex course below consists of 92 lessons that will teach you the essentials of currency trading. The course was written by the founder and an economist at Rockefeller Treasury Services, Barbara Rockefeller, and co-written by Vicki Schmelzer, a senior FX correspondent, book author, and a professional Forex trader with 20 years of experience.

It will guide you through the very basics, will show you how to do your own technical and fundamental analysis, will introduce you to advanced trading concepts, and will explain the real difference between a losing trader and a professional one. You will learn how to work with charts, apply indicators and simple patterns, plan your trades, manage your risks, and navigate your way through the industry. After going through these lessons, you will understand how to use sentiment analysis to you advantage, how real world events affect currency rates, what power central banks have over Forex, and what alternatives traders have to the popular spot FX trading.

Each lesson ends with a short quiz — answer the questions after reading the text to assess yourself as you acquire new knowledge. Taking the quiz is optional — you can skip to the next lesson anytime.

What do you learn from this course?

Free Forex Trading Course, Top 5 Best Free Forex Trading Courses
Free Forex Trading Course
Free Forex Trading Course, Top 5 Best Free Forex Trading Courses
Free Forex Trading Course
Free Forex Trading Course, Top 5 Best Free Forex Trading Courses
Free Forex Trading Course
Free Forex Trading Course, Top 5 Best Free Forex Trading Courses
Forex Trading Course
Free Forex Trading Course, Top 5 Best Free Forex Trading Courses
Free Forex Trading Course

This course is very detailed in almost every aspect of Forex trading, the issue with it is that, although you learn all these wonderful things, it doesn’t really narrow down to show you what works and what doesn’t in real life, and this is why we introduce to you the number 1, the best free forex trading course that cuts through the noise and directs you to learn what is important and to ignore all the noise.

Number 1 Best Free Forex Trading Course | Forex Trading Course for Beginners by Slyt Edge Trading Academy.

This Forex Trading Course has been described as the bible for both new and old traders alike, It is recommended that students bookmark the course and come back to refer to it should you have any issues in your trading career.

This course focuses on the following;

The basics in Forex

The Strategies to use in Forex

The Risk management approach by professionals

How to psych yourself for the mental game of Forex

How to keep a success momentum, with a “god” complex

All these and more, in an interactive way, that involves study, question and answer, and progress.

Written, audio and video lessons are well put together to give you the best information possible, what’s more? You are required to pass quizzes to ensure you thoroughly understand the lessons before you proceed to the next lessons.

This ensures that you accurately capture all the key points in the lessons and to aid you to become a better trader.

If you are ready to improve on your Forex trading journey, this is a good place to start, as the lessons, you learn here, are designed to give you an edge over other traders in the market, therefore positioning you for success in the forex market.

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