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  • Reading time:4 mins read claims to operate a genuine investment scheme. However, everything we have seen so far points to a complete scam. This is an Investigation leading to this conclusion.

Claims made by

Insightful Asset Financial International Investment Corporate Company Limited is a financial institution with a long history. Like other banks with traditional principles our company aims to extract maximum from the opportunities we have while operating our customers.

The Facts;


They do not have any long history, these guys registered their website in November, 2019, from their claim of long history is a lie.

These guys claim to operate in Oil Industry, Real Estate, Banking, and Big industry, whatever that means to them, however there is no foot print of them anywhere.

Not a single google search returned any of their subsidiaries in any of the industries they claim to operate in, neither are they licensed to operate an investment scheme.

How about their registration on company house? Well here is the thing, it cost 12 pounds to register a business through company house and you do not even need to visit their office, you can do it from the comfort of your home, with a debit or credit card and you are done.

When dealing with scams of these nature, you do not want to base your conclusion on it’s registration but rather it’s regulation.

Let’s visit the FCA and see what they have on

My friends, I do not know what your story really is, and why you keep chasing high-risk investments like this, my hope is that I saved you the trouble or emotional torture of losing your hard-earned money to this Ponzi.

Always double check before you trust any website offering such high rates, and if you must invest, check out other legitimate investment opportunities to make passive income.

Be informed

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  1. Christopher

    Pls which site is good for investment when it comes to cryptocurrency

  2. Nymous Ano

    Yes Insightful Asset Financial fuckers are really scammers. I have invested a small amount good thing not the whole. These investment sites must be killed in action. If authorities can check and afterwards salvage these assholes. I’ve put up $40 thru bitcoin and the promise profit of 3.1% per day. I have doubts but aince thia is just a small money, then tried about 3 request for withdrawals but fucking assholes didn’t say at least goodbye. I’ll hunt these assholes and place their decapitated heads in the toilet bowls. Cory Hamilton or Jason if that’s there real name… Be prepared as I love hunting…

    1. Ann

      Insightful asset may thunder strike you wherever you are, you are real scam, I tried to withdraw my money but you don’t respond to me , the agent Amelia, Jason and Corey are useless and scammers, pliz don’t invest your hard earned money with them stupid ass holes

    2. Vuyo

      Good day Sir, I almost invested in this company yesterday, then I decided to check again.. I was so shocked with what you experienced.. Thank for coming forward

  3. Zaid

    Thank you all for the feedback, can you recommend any safe sites that are not scam sites.

  4. Kingsley

    Please never invest in insightful asset. They will block all the access you are using to chat them. For sure you won’t get your money back. Once deposit is made to withdraw will never happens. They send you email that 5000 dollars has been sent. But all lie. You won’t get 1 cent from them.

  5. Kingsley

    Never invest even 1 dollars in insightful the site is own by Nigerian base in UK. Scam high tech scam

  6. Olufemi is a scam company I opened an account with them February 3rd 2021,I kept depositing and rolling over. I decided to make a withdrawal through my PayPal account the message kept saying you’re trying to withdraw more than your balance when I had balance over $100 .The support staff are scammers promising to transfer my case to the relevant authority nothing was done.Finally they showed fake withdrawal of $20 that never reached my account.They claimed they deal in USA assets but a closer look at their website showed they are from Panama,they can’t even speak correct English.My Money is locked with them.So sad please who can help me to get my investment from these dubious and godless guys.

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