LiteLand Review 2021 | Scam or Legit

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Liteland review is an independent, unbiased review of, our goal is to determine if is a legit platform to invest your money.

Is a legit platform to invest in? No, lite land is a dangerous gamble, with little to no guarantee that your actual investments would return some profits.

So what is lite land or really about?

liteland review, review
liteland review

Liteland starts off as a litecoin mining platform, to register, you need to enter your litecoin wallet address, and that is all the system takes from you in the form of registration.

However, once you reach the dashboard it is a whole different story.

The simple and yet elegant dashboard is asking you to invest into their litecoin mining operations for some mouth watering profits.

In this lite land review, our goal is to shed lights on the operations and to help you make an informed decision with your hard earned money.

Liteland Review | The Supposed Profit Potential

The platform is supposedly a litecoin mining platform, however, we have reason to believe that in reality it is a huge ponzi scheme, let’s explain further. review, liteland review mining plans

According to Liteland, should you deposit 1 litecoin into their mining business, in 6 months you would have made 5.7 litecoins. That right there is the red flag you need.

First of all, the current value of 1 litecoin is about $180, however, the most efficient litecoin mining machine at the time of writing this article was the Innosilicon A6+ LTC Master, it cost about $3000 and produces 2.2GH/s

Please follow the logic and the reasoning here, it is important to understand this to know what you are dealing with at

Liteland is telling us here that with $180 you purchase a mining power equivalent to 595GH/s however to get such a mining power, you would nee about 270 Innosilicon A6+ LTC master Asic mining device which would cost you over $800,000 to acquire.

Why then is liteland saying otherwise? In our liteland review, we came to a simple, yet sad conclusion that the folks at liteland, are not into any crypto-mining activities.

They are running a highly elaborate Ponzi scheme and are using litecoin mining as a front.

Like many of the online investment scams that we have reviewed, we can safely conclude in liteland review that this is a terrible scam that is meant to fail.

Liteland Review | The way Forward

Ponzi schemes like liteland may even pay early investors to provide proof of legitimacy, thereby making genuine review platforms such as ours look like liars to the general public.

However, without any genuine business behind the scenes, platforms like liteland are bound to fail and dissappear with your hard earned money.

Liteland Review | The Real Owners

As with many of these online investment scams, special care has been taken to protect the true owners of the platform. Not even a single mention of who the operators are.

This is done to provide a layer of cover for the operators to disappear once they accomplish their goal of scamming you.

Liteland Review | Company Registration

Scammers usually register via company house in the United Kingdom to provide some form of proof that they are running a legitimate business.

Unfortunately, being registered alone is not enough, however in the case of liteland, there is no information available about company registration.

The owners are hoping that you would be greedy enough to fall for their scams and actually invest into their ponzi schemes without investigating.

Indeed they hope that even when you investigate them, the supposed profits promised would crowed your judgement.

Liteland Review | Conclusion

In our liteland review, we conclude that is a scam, we recommend that you stay away from it, to avoid losing your money.

When we reviewed, our goal was to at the very least save one person from falling prey to this scam, you can support this by sharing this article to reach as many people as possible.

Be informed

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