Nevada Tokens, The Best BSC token of 2021

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Nevada Tokens also known as Nevada Lottery Casino NFT is a pioneering Binance Smart Coin (BSC) token that lets people partake in lucrative investments. Currently 1 Nevada = 0.003351.

Mission And Vision Of The Token

The Token company has a team that consists of remarkable game developers and marketers. They are determined to create the best experience in playing betting games with the BSC community, prioritizing security, fairness, and profitability

The vision of the token is to pour out the belief that betting is always not associated with a total loss. Taking risks can also be safe, so creating a safe, secure, fair, and high percentage returns through their platform. Everyone has the same chance of gaining high returns. Simply by holding our tokens, each holder has the same possibility of gaining from staking the token.

How The Tokens Works

According to Nevada white paper, the Tokens will allow investors to participate in lotteries and betting in casinos. The Tokens Ecosystem will comprise a Nevada Casino, a marketplace for nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and lotteries and contests Transaction fees of the Token is going to be very low thus BSC blockchains use BNB as gas for transaction fees, which is much less than Ethereum gas. This allows investors to invest without worrying about incurring fees,

Binance also handles around 100 transactions per second (TPS) compared to Ethereum, which is 15 transactions per second. The Nevada website claims that the Token will let users stake tokens while playing casino games.

Nevada, how nevada works
Nevada Token logo

To achieve that, they are building a staking platform that will benefit long-term investors. Holders of these tokens can play casino games through the platform. They have not built the gambling platform yet or announced what casino games the tokens will offer.

They will use 2% of the tokens to ensure auto-liquidity, 2% for casino development, and 2% for marketing. Nevada plans to charge a 9% total tax on users.

Staking Nevada

The Token will offer an outstanding amount from staking, which is beneficial for our long-term holders. The first project that will be launched on their ecosystem is the Nevada Playroom. This website will allow investors to play games and enter tournaments. The playroom has an initial target of more than 1000 games.

Tokens for gambling

NFT Marketplace

According to, the creation of an NFT marketplace is upcoming, where artists can sell their beautiful artworks. This exchange will have a very small transaction fee and the Nevada token will be used as a payment gateway. They believe that creating a utility for the token will ensure its sustainability.

Is Nevada Real

Nevada will invest 3% of the tokens in a lottery pool that will reward one person a week. The Website claims they will launch a demo platform in November 2021. However, there is no sign of the platform on 3 December 2021. There also claims that Token has completed proof-of-concept, audit, marketing strategies, and the white paper in October 2021.

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Is the Token real.?

There are no examples of casino games on their website. They do not say what games they will offer or how those games will pay. However, the website mentions poker. The website claims to plan a casino and poker competition in November. they came out with plans for celebrity onboarding in November.

However, they did not identify which celebrities. They claim the Dextools Ads will go live in November and they could introduce the NFT platform in October and November. There will be a partnership announcement in November. But surprisingly none of these claims ever came to life.

Note: I do not think Nevada has any relationship with the US state of Nevada, where Las Vegas is located. In addition, I see no evidence that the Token is working with any major Las Vegas casinos or gaming companies.

Nevada Price Live Data

From the live price of the Token today is $0.003356 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $617,265 USD as of 03 December 2021. The Token is up 9.09% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #3451, with a live market cap of not available.

Ranked #3451 on coinmarketcap

Where to Buy Nevada

What Value Does Nevada Have estimates the Token was the most trending cryptocurrency on 8 November 2021 which strangely adds some faith in the Tokens.

in contrast, The Token was CoinMarketCap’s 2,977th largest cryptocurrency on 10 November 2021. CoinMarketCap gave the Token a Coin Price of $0.005611, a Market Capitalization of $5.555 million, a Fully Diluted Market Cap of $5.611 million, and a 24-Hour Market Volume of $2.855 million.

They based those numbers on a Self-Reported Circulating Supply of 990.085 million Tokens, a Maximum Supply of one billion Tokens, and a Total Supply of One Billion Tokens. meanwhile, gave the Token a Coin Price of $0.00591856, a $624,596 24-Hour Trading Volume, and a Fully Diluted Valuation of $5.918 million on 10 November 2021.

These calculations are based on a Total Supply of one billion tokens.

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Does the Token have any value.?

Yet still, the market could be wrong because the Tokens will not offer any value until it they demonstrate a working casino game people can play. Therefore speculators are advised to stay away from the Token until they offer a working casino game for it.

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