New York Forex Institute vs Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship | The Best Forex Trading Schools in the United States of America 2021

Today we bring you a darn comparison between two giant Forex trading schools in the united states; The New York Forex Institute and the Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship

When it comes to Forex trading, there are diverse opinions there about what or who provides the best Forex trading course in the United States of America.

This can lead to a lot of confusion and often lots of countless man-hours and money.

The truth is, when you choose a good Forex trading course, you are more likely to succeed than someone who chose a terrible course or decided to go solo.

However, if you choose a terrible mentor, chances are that you would fail in your trading career, at least for a long time until you correct the erroneous things you must have been taught.

What’s worse? it is extremely difficult to unlearn things, for most people, unlearning something they have spent months or years learning, could be next to impossible.

This and many reasons why it is best to take your Forex education seriously and choose only Forex trading courses that are indeed designed to make you successful in trading the Forex market.

If you are finding it hard to choose between the New York Forex Institute and the Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship for your Forex trading course?

In our on-hands comparison, we would help you choose the Forex trading course that is good for your needs, budget, and knowledge level.

To accomplish that, we are going to compare these two Forex trading schools in 3 key areas:

  • Pricing
  • Contact hours with a mentor
  • Support to students

For those of you in a hurry, here is a quick breakdown of the comparison between the New York Forex Institute and the Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship.

New York Forex Institute vs The Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship

ItemNew York Forex InstituteSlyt Edge Forex Mentorship
Contact hours12 Weeks12 Weeks
Support to StudentsQ/A, and recorded videosQ/A and recorded videos
Trades with mentorNo1000 trades with Mentor
One on One with mentorNoYes, via zoom
Performance ReviewNoWeekly
New York Forex Institute vs Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship

Which company offer’s the best pricing?

Both New York Forex Institute and Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship offer pretty good pricing for their Forex trading courses.

However, given the number of extra contact hours, and the ability to take 1000 trades with your mentor, we believe the Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship provides you extra value for your money.

New York Forex Institute

New York Forex Institute,
New York Forex Institute Alternative,
Forex trading course in the usa

The New York Forex Institute charges you $895 for a Forex trading course, they rely entirely on the internet to provide these services, as the videos are pre-recorded, you can always have them on demand.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you would have the following:

  • Pro Trading Systems
  • Trade Analysis
  • Finance lessons
  • Video tutorials
  • Certificate

For ease of access, New York Forex Institute accepts visa cards, master cards, and yes, your PayPal would work with them, this means you could get instant access to their Forex trading course as soon as you have your credit card with you.

Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship

Slyt Edge charges you $0 for its Forex trading course, however it does offer One on One Forex Mentorships, which is far ahead of any Forex trading course you might have at a price of $621.

In this comparison though, we would have to talk about the Forex Mentorship as it is what you would have to pay for, and what would make a fair comparison with the New York Forex Institute.

Some of the key features of the Slyt Edge Forex mentorship program are:

  • Recorded foundation class
  • Zoom sections
  • Weekly review of your performance
  • Take 1000 trades together with your mentor
  • Lifetime access to your mentor

These features have made Slyt Edge, a suitable alternative to the New York Forex Institute, and has positioned Slyt Edge as a leader in Forex education and Forex Mentorships across the globe but especially in the united states of America.

If you need more than just videos to guide you to become a professional Forex trader, you would soon find that having a mentor on hand, who can view your trades, and tell you where you went wrong, and can correct you as to what to do, can indeed be a game-changer.

For most of you, this might be the mentorship you require to move you to your next level in Forex trading.


Feature-wise, Slyt Edge takes a huge leap ahead of other Forex trading schools in the united states.

Given that many people just piece together a few videos and call it a Forex trading course, having the opportunity to actually train and trade with your mentor is one thing worth emulating by other Forex trading coaches.

It takes the fear away from the student and makes it easy for the student to easily validate what has been taught in real practice.

These options make it easier for almost anybody to take up Forex Mentorship and begin to see success.

Chances are that you would make more money than you paid to enroll in the Slyt Edge Forex Mentorship while taking the 1000 trades together with your mentor.

What is better? Ever heard the quote ” it takes a thousand hours to become good in something?” well if you haven’t, now you have!

Indeed by taking these 1000 trades, you are learning to mirror your mentor, and improving your muscle memory to become extremely profitable on your own.

You might not need to take another course, or make another google search about Forex trading courses again, chances are that you might become a professional trader yourself.

One downside of using Slyt Edge is that unlike the New York Forex Institute, Slyt Edge accepts only bitcoins on its platform, this might make it difficult for some of you to join their mentorship program.

However, if you are determined, you could easily purchase bitcoins and join the best Forex Mentorship program and help yourself become extremely successful in the process.

We wish you the very best of luck in your journey as a Forex trader.

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