Dividend Coins

What is a Dividend Coin

For most people, the idea of making money from cryptocurrency’s remain to trade, not from dividends but as the cryptocurrency’s market grow, more and more uses for it are emerging.

Unlike the previous crypto-market bubble of 2017 where almost every coin out there pumped on hype? Today we have real projects focused on solving real-life problems and making money for its investors, thus the creation of what is now termed dividend coin.

A coin is described as dividend coin when its holders are paid earnings from the proceeds or profits generated by the company or organization that operates the coin. This offers multiple opportunities, such as earning higher rates by just holding the coins, and equally earning from the appreciation in the value of the coin as demand exceeds supply.

Do you get dividends from bitcoin?

No, bitcoin does not pay dividends to its holders. You earn from bitcoin by trading it or holding it for its price to increase. It is safe to say that bitcoin, unlike dividend coins were not created to make you money, but there are platforms that you can stake your bitcoin on to make some money from it, but usually, these returns are so small, you might as well not.

If you are looking to earn from holding a coin, you might want to consider the dividend coins, designed purposely to make you money.

List of Dividend Coins

Dividend CoinYears Since CreationYearly Yield
Dorla Token2<48%
Dividend Paying Coins

While there are several dividend coins out there, these are the first four (4) we classify as legitimate online investments that you can make and earn money from it, regardless of your location in the world.

dividend coin
Be the boss, earn dividends

The Dorla Dividend Coin

Dorla dividend coin
Dorla dividend coin

The dorla dividend coin (token) is based on the ethereum blockchain, thus offering transparency and reliability for its clients across the world. The Dorla organization, operators of the dorla dividend coin operate hold clients funds and invest in areas such as Forex, Stocks, Crypto-market, and others to generate higher profit margins for its investors.

For the last 3 years since it’s inception, dorla has paid dividends averaging 62% each year to its clients. Dorla operates a variable rate of return, which means, the more the company performs, the more you earn dividends from them, besides the appreciation of the coin.

In all dividend coins, dorla coin seems underrated in our opinion, it holds much potential than many other coins out there and provides better returns than most, outperforming gold and other asset classes in its 3 years of operation.

This seemingly high rate of returns stems from its operation from Forex trading which is a highly lucrative business.

The Decred dividend coin

decred dividend coin
Decred dividend coin

Decred is the native coin of the decred blockchain which uses both proof of work and proof of stake consensus algorithms. Decred holders stake their coins and lock them in for a chance to earn 30% of the block rewards from the mining rewards on the decred blockchain.

Decred uses a lottery system to determine who to award this 30%, being a dividend coin with decred depends primarily on how much you stake, and how often you win in the lottery system, but given that there are several blocks to win from, the chances are indeed high.

Do not confuse the 30% reward from mining as 30% of your capital, unlike the dorla dividend coin explained above, the mining rewards does not equate or has any reference to your staked capital.

General Thoughts on Dividend Coins

It is easy for bitcoin to move from $1000 to $1500 giving you some 50% profits. On the other hand, the rush for dividend paying coins could cause the coins value to rise from $1 to $5000 netting you a whole lot of money.

This decision is easy if you know what you want, netting yourself several millions of dollars by taking advantage of underrated coins is a far suitable strategy than focusing on the one coin that everybody is looking out for.

Yes, while these coins might be lesser know, if you can diversify enough and invest as safely as possible, you stand the chance to make much more, so much more than any coin in the top 10% of all coins out there.

Some Risks Associated with Dividend Coins

It is possible that these coins might not become main stream, it is possible it might face regulatory hustles, it is possible that their businesses might fail altogether.

That said, smart investors know that this risk is essential. Think about it, there is possibly one coin that can possible change your life, you just need to find this coin and invest smart in it.

Unfortunately some of these coins might not appeal to the main stream, but do they provide real value to you? this is up to you to decide!

Why do we choose dorla coin (token) as our dividend paying coin

We have thoroughly researched this organisation and are satisfied with it. Indeed we classified it as second in the top 3 online investment platforms of 2020.

What is our reasoning behind this? the answer is simple, each project has a purpose, and we have come to find out that dorla is built to simply make you money, to help you earn passive income from home, to help you get dividends and make money online.

Dorla has been doing this for the last 3 years and is classified as one of the best legitimate online investment platforms in the world.

Risk Associated with Dorla dividend coin (token)

While Dorla operates a system of complete transparency, and has shown good faith with it’s investors all over the world. They operate in a highly liquid market such as forex, stocks and cryptocurrency’s.

Dorla could fail if their traders make looses on the market. This is so important to note, fortunately during the last Annual partners meetings, they seem to appreciate this fact and diversifying into other businesses that are profitable but less risky.

Do you hold dorla dividend paying coins? what has been your experience? let us know in the comments section!

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