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  • Reading time:4 mins read was registered in 2020 and has proceeded to provide some of the worse online investment scams in history. The review, would shed light on their activities and help you avoid scams like these.

Omine review, review

Omine claims to guarantee you a stable rate of 6.5% in profits per day! I don’t know about you, but that is some staggering amount of profits.

However, that is not all you can supposedly gain from these scammers, lets take a look at their advertised investment plans below.

Omine investment plans | review, review,
omine review,

All these sound good right? Except it is not! These are elaborate scams designed to prey on your desire for money, and to get rich quickly.

They bait you with these super attractive offers, pay a few early adopters, and then disappear with everyone’s money never to be seen again.

Think about it for a minute, if someone can make for themselves in any industry at all in this world, a whopping 4% profits a day, why would they need your money?

Except they are not indeed making this money, their only business model is taking the deposits from new investors and paying old investors.

Is a scam?

Yes it is!

Is a Ponzi scheme?

Yes, is a Ponzi scheme.

However, don’t just take my words, let’s dig in a little further to find more information.

For a business to operate in the investment industry, it has first need to register, and more importantly be regulated.

What is worse? is not a registered business, and neither is it regulated to perform investment activities.

It has no known founders, these guys are banking their hopes on the anonymity of the internet, such that should they finally shut down their website, you would not be able to locate them anywhere.

If you read their terms and conditions, puts in a double layer of protection, referring to your investment as a private transaction between you and them, thus exempting them from any legal implications should they be caught, here is a screenshot. review,
Omine review

My friends, I do not know what your story really is, and why you keep chasing high-risk investments like this, my hope is that I saved you the trouble or emotional torture of losing your hard-earned money to this Ponzi.

Always double check before you trust any website offering such high rates, and if you must invest, check out other legitimate investment opportunities to make passive income.

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