EverRise – The Best New Digital Currency in 2021

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EverRise is a Blockchain technology company that was originally launched on June 15, 2021. Through an innovative ecosystem, the blockchain technology company provides a bridging and security solution across different chains of decentralized applications.

In other words, They provide investors and developers with the opportunity to gain access to the widest possible market with a high level of security through its ecosystem.

The companies native crypto token is called the RISE Token, with their token, they were the first to introduce an automatic buyback to cryptocurrencies, since then, the buyback Mechanism has been standardized in the crypto market with countless forks.

The Best New Digital Currency in 2021

Rise Token, The Native Token Of EverRise Blockchain

The EverRise Token is a multichain and hyper deflationary cryptocurrency that rewards investors for holding the tokens in their wallets. It is the first cryptocurrency to ever include an automatic buyback in its decentralized app ecosystem.

The Native Token Of EverRise Blockchain
The Native Token Of EverRise Blockchain

As of the time of writing, The price of the RISE Token is $0.001010 USD. The token has gone up in value by 13.19% in the last 24 hours.

RISE Token has a 24hr trading volume of $1,256,180 USD and a circulating supply of 63,879,973 RISE Tokens. It has a maximum supply of 71,618,033,988 RISE Tokens.

Currently, the CoinMarketCap ranking of the RISE Token is #553, with a live market cap of $64,549,192 USD.

Investors gained more confidence to invest in cryptocurrency when the company announced the buyback mechanism in their ecosystem. Also, the demand for the tokens increased as blockchain technology-based companies started buying the currency which ultimately drives the value of the token to go up.

The New EverRise Version 2.0

The company has plans on bringing its ecosystem of decentralized Apps to many blockchains as possible to improve the adoption of safety protocols across all decentralized finance platforms.

EverRise recently came out with version 2.0 of their smart contract on November 29 2021 at exactly 11:00 pm UTC. The upgrade has a lot of new features and several noteworthy innovations and changes.

The new Rise Token is featured on some Blockchain networks like the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon networks through PancakeSwap, UniSwap, and QuickSwap, respectively. It will have one supply across the three blockchains and balanced initial liquidity pools.

Notably, This is the first time the Token will be on the polygon network. previously, the Token was only available in both the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Furthermore, it is also the first time a token has launched on three chains at the same time.

The update bring brings several innovative and worthy changes with it. The best feature of it all is the introduction of staking. This allows taxes on transactions to be reduced from 11% to 6%.

Holders who decide to stake their RISE tokens have the opportunity to choose between up to one and twelve months of staking pools. The pools are backed by a brand new automated buyback.

The upgraded automated buyback feature allocates purchased tokens to the staking reward pools instead of sending the tokens to a burn address.

With version 2.0, tokens will no longer be burnt because the supply is now fixed and consolidated in a 10,000:1 ratio under 72 billion tokens.

The New EverRise Version 2.0
The New EverRise Version 2.0

The Future of EverRise

EverRise will be available on all three blockchains. That is the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. They believe this will bring assurance and more security to developers and investors.

The company currently offers EverOwn, a smart contract locker launched in September, and EverBridge a cross-blockchain bridge capable of block speed transfers which were also introduced in October, to EverRise developers.

Aside from the new decentralized App features, The company is looking forward to bringing the RISE Token and ecosystem of decentralized Apps to more Blockchain networks in the near future.

The company is devoted to bringing safety and security to the whole decentralized finance (Defi) space. The company has several features coming up in the future which include EverSale, EverLock, EverWallet, and EverSwap.

We should lookout for more great things from the EverRise company in the future.

The Future of EverRise
The Future of EverRise

To know more about the future project of the company, visit the website, read their blog for all the latest developments, and follow the team on TwitterTelegramDiscordRedditFacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

Problem Of EverRise

The major problem of EverRise is that when you relinquish your ownership, you cannot gain it back if the development team wants to access contracts for further developments. it will not be possible for them to update it. Renouncing ownership can also harm the growth of the company in the near future.

The Solution

The solution to the ownership problem is the EverOwn platform. The platform fixes the issue by maintaining the ownership of the contract instead of maintaining the owners themselves. so if there’s any change that has to be done, the owners can reclaim it with the community acceptance.

What Is EverOwn

Project developers can transfer their ownership to EverOwn by holding the RISE Token in their wallets and paying fees in either ETH or BNB to reclaim their ownership back, also they have to do the same thing again by holding the RISE Token and paying fees in either BNB or ETH to initiate a voting period on EverOwn.

Investors on the platform will then have to vote on the platform to see whether the owner is allowed to reclaim their ownership or not.

After that, the owners are then able to transfer back their ownership to the Everown smart contract after the issue is fixed. This creates several use cases for the EverRise ecosystem and more incentives to hold RISE tokens.

What Is EverOwn

Where Can I Buy RISE

If you would like to know where to buy RISE, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading RISE Token are currently


Should I invest in the RISE Tokens? According to a forecast made by Investorwallet, the token is a good Long term investment. But due to the low market cap, the value of the token is highly volatile.

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency with high interests, RISE is definitely a good investment. EverRise price equal to 0.000984 USD at 2021-12-24.

Based on a forecast made by Investorwallet, if you buy 100$ worth of RISE tokens today, you will make a total profit of 101653 RISE. Based on this prediction, long-term investment is advised.

The price prediction for 2026-12-19 is 0.00813 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the profits are expected to be around +726.22%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $826.22 in 2026

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