Link (LN), The Best Crypto In The Blockchain Market 2021

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Link (LN) is a native Token of the Line Blockchain which was launched by Line in April 2018. Line is a global messenger company that owns a freeware app for instant communication on electronic devices like mobile phones, computer tablets, and personal computers.

Link (LN) The Best Crypto In The Blockchain Market
Link (LN) The Best Crypto In The Blockchain Market

Users of the app can send texts to each other, send pictures, audio messages and conduct video conferences.

The blockchain platform and digital Token were created mainly for mainstream consumers. The idea behind it was to develop a Token economy that can be used by everyone and conveniently be part of everyone’s life naturally just like their messenger app. The section of the Line company that built the blockchain and digital Token is called the LVC Corporation.

The LVC Corporation is keen on expanding the Token through LINK and several other decentralized applications to develop an ecosystem that will serve the 100 million users of LINE all around the world.

Link is the native Digital Token for LINE Blockchain, it was created by Line corporation which is a subordinate of the Naver Corporation, a Korean internet search giant. The Token is used for gaining benefits from several LINE service categories that include gaming, commerce, content creating, and digital asset exchange.

LINK Token & Market Analysis
LINK Token & Market Analysis

The Token has a minimum value of $5 when it’s used for any payment in the Line Blockchain ecosystem but can go up in value due to the market volatile condition.

As of the time of writing this article which is December 20, 2021, The price of the Token is $222.43. It has a circulating supply of 6 Million LN Tokens, a 24hr trading volume of $5,765,654, and a total supply of 6.05 Million.LN Tokens. In the last 24hrs, the price of Link LN has gone down by 2.8%.

LINK is given as dividends to users of BITBOX. by offering numerous LINK-related promotions such as rewards based on trading volume and all deposits. The aim of this is to encourage the users of BITBOX to use their exchange more frequently.

If you are thinking of buying or investing in LINK, then the best cryptocurrency exchange platform to buy it from is

Before you can buy LINK LN, you will need to own some common cryptocurrencies likes Bitcoin or Ethereum so you can trade them for the LINK Token. The positive part here is that you can easily purchase either of these major cryptos on Coinbase using bank accounts or even credit cards.

Where You Can Buy  LINK (LN)
Where You Can Buy LINK (LN)


below is a step-by-step guide on how to buy LINK LN Token.

The easiest way to set up your Coinbase account is to head over to their official website although they have android and ios apps the website is the best when setting up.


Head over to the Official Coinbase website

Home page Interface of Coinbase
Home page Interface of Coinbase

Then enter your Email in the Get Started Box, make sure it’s active and you have access to it. Next, Coinbase will ask you if you are an individual or a Business. For this, I will assume you are an individual so we will skip the business setup and continue with the individual account. Be sure to use your real name because Coinbase will use it for verification.

Next, You will receive an email with a link from Coinbase to verify your Email. Click on the link in your Email and your account will be verified. and you should be signed in automatically or should be able to sign in to your account.

Now since it’s about money there are other verification steps you need to add to your account. The first is your mobile phone number. Coinbase needs your cell phone number to set up a Two-Step factor authentication (2FA) to make your account more secure. The platform will text for each change or transaction you make to verify that it’s you before the process is finalized.

Now the next thing to do is to set up your payment option. which is how you would want to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum through either Bank Account or Credit Card. my suggestion is to buy with a credit card since credit card transactions are faster and instant than bank processing. The only downside of a credit card is that your weekly purchase limit is around $750 when you first open an account.

To learn more about setting up a credit card on Coinbase click here

If you buy crypto for your account with a bank account, your purchase cryptocurrency won’t reflect for trading in about 4 to 5 days. if you want to learn about setting up and buying with a bank account click here


Now you are all set to buy your first Bitcoin or Ethereum that you will use to buy your LINK LN.

As mentioned above, Coinbase makes it very easy for you to buy and invest your cryptocurrency. All you need is to head over to the BUYS PAGE and select the currency you wish to buy. Here we will be buying either Bitcoin or Ethereum so we can use it to purchase LINK LN.

Now, you have to decide the amount of USD you want to buy. NOTE that you don’t need to buy a full coin but you can buy a portion that fills the amount you are willing to invest in. Knowing this will actually help you in your future crypto investments if you are a newbie.

Next, select your funding source, in this case, a credit card since it’s instant. Now click BUY.

CONGRATS!! you’ve successfully purchased a cryptocurrency and you are now an investor.


Where we’ve reached now it’s time to buy LINK LN with the investment you made on Coinbase.

You will need to transfer your investment on Coinbase to either Bithumb or Bitfront because you cannot buy Link LN on Coinbase. This sounds stressful but trust me it is not.

Right now you can buy your LINK LN with the BTC or ETH you transferred.

Buying with Bithumb
Buying with Bithumb
  1. It is easy to grow your bussiness and build blockchain services
  2. The Blockchain is open to the genral public where anyone can buy the LINK Token and use the blockchain technology
  3. Easy to use whether beginner or expert
  4. Has the potential to leverage LINES massive users all around the globe
  5. Ensures tight regulatory and security of the block chain
LINE's Blueprint for Token Economy | by LINE Blockchain | LINE Blockchain
What Makes LINK (LN) & Blockchain Unique

LINE Decentralized Apps Ecosystem

The development of Decentralized apps plays a crucial role in the growth of the Line Blockchain Ecosystem. Dapps are used in promoting and circulating the use of LINK. The LINE ecosystem utilizes the following system to bring projects and nourish the ecosystem.

Reward Apps

The rewarding apps work together with the DApps responsible for building the LINE blockchain ecosystem simply by introducing functions within the service that uses the LINK. Also, it allocates the LINK required for user rewards. Reward Dapps facilitate the LINE token economy by offering LINK to ecosystem participants as a reward and creating the market for LINK. Reward dApps can be either developed in-house by LINE or by third parties and selected through a screening procedure. The LINK Secretariat is responsible for the overall selection of Reward dApps during the initial period of the ecosystem

General Dapps

General Dapps are the non-reward apps that participate voluntarily in the Blockchain ecosystem. In the LINES ecosystem, individuals will be able to build LINE Blockchain-based Dapps easily using the blockchain services. There is a development toolkit that allows developers to adopt blockchain features and build Dapps in addition, They are planning on helping Dapps developers to register their Dapps on the line blockchain Dapp store to advertise their apps and attract participants from around the world.

support program for Dapps

Further expanding the LINE Blockchain Blockchain app ecosystem, the link secretariat offers a range of support programs. it selects encouraging Dapps developers that demonstrate great potential to contribute to the LINE blockchain platform. Also promotes the use of link and provide comprehensive support for the deeper integration of the LINE ecosystem. Some of the support programs will include financial aid, technical support for the use of LINE Blockchain Developers, and consultations regarding the token economy.

LINE Decentralized Apps Ecosystem
LINE Decentralised Apps Ecosystem
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