The Authentic review 2021 is a registered and licensed investment firm in Nigeria, they operate in the following areas;

  • Fixed Income
  • Stocks
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate Review ; The Authenticity of Claims

The Claim made on is a product of WealthTech Limited (RC 1547536), an affiliate of Sankore Securities Limited. Investment management and advisory services on are provided by Sankore Securities Limited, which is registered with the Nigerian Stock Exchange and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria. Payments on are made via Flutterwave; a PCI DSS certified payment platform with bank level security to ensure your transactions and financial information are kept safe at all times.

Our verification of the claim; True

Investment Opportunities with Wealth.Ng

The Fixed Income Investment | Wealth.NG Review review

Get up to 13% off your fixed rate investments with Your investments through into their fixed income investments would be used to purchase treasury bills and bonds.

Fixed-rate investments into treasury bills are some of the lowest-paying investment opportunities available, however, it does come with capital preservation guarantees that may be hard to find in other investment opportunities.

Stocks | Wealth.Ng Review

Besides fixed-income investments, you can as well purchase stocks through and holding individual stocks have some degree of risk due to market concentration which novice investors often fall prey to.

While might have its own advisory services to guide you in that regard, you can as well solicit the mentorship of the best stock trading and investment school to get hands-on training to become a prolific investor.

If you chose the option to invest in stocks through, understand that the results you attain would depend entirely on the performance of the stocks you chose, minus any transactions fees charged by

In our review, we have come to understand and appreciate the business they do and how they could offer you consistent support in your journey as an investor in the stocks market.

Agriculture | Wealth.Ng Review review

When you invest in the Agriculture portfolio of, you gain up to 22% profits per annum, much higher than the fixed income investment option explain above.

If investing in agriculture is something of interest to you, this might be a good opportunity to invest in your passion and make money in addition.

Real Estate | review

When you invest in, real estate portfolio, you earn up to 20% return per annum, which is a better rate of return in the real estate industry, given that this is a managed fund. review | Other Risks is registered and licensed in Nigeria, if you are outside Nigeria, you have very little protection should something go wrong. However, at this point, little is known as to whether this firm actually accepts funds from investors outside Nigeria.

Another risk we see here is that, despite the legitimacy of, most people are used to investing in scams that often promises high rate of returns.

A person, having enjoyed one of these scams, is less likely to invest in a firm that provides maximum 22% profits per annum. We use this opportunity once again to warn again about scams operating online. Review | Conclusion is a legitimate platform to invest money, if the rates are okay with you, we do not see any red flags to warn you against at this time.

Historically, regulated entities such as banks investment firms may fail from time to time, however, when they do? You have some layer of protection from the regulator.

Compared to the rampant online investment scams, you are better off investing with a regulated investment firm, than an unregistered one.

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