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The Best Trustaking Review 2022

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Trustaking crowns itself as a Web3 platform, giving investors the opportunity to stake their cryptocurrency for profits. In this trustaking review, we determine if trustaking is a legit staking platform or one of the many investment scams online.

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Trustaking Logo

Investing is a great opportunity to earn some passive income, and the internet provides many legit investment platforms.

However, before you invest, it is wise to read reviews about the platform in question in other to avoid negative results from your investment activities online.

Trustaking has made a lot of claims on its website, and we have taken the time to go through the entire process in a bid to write an unbiased review of

Is a legit investment platform or a Ponzi scheme? In our trustaking review, we came to the sad conclusion that is simply a brilliantly designed ponzi scheme (scam), designed with industry standard words to confuse the unsuspecting investor into parting ways with their hard earn money.

Let’s get into the details;

Trustaking.Io Review; The Company Registration and Regulatory Oversight

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This is the very first information that you are presented with once you visit, so we set out to verify if any of these pieces of information is accurate and more importantly if has the requisite regulatory certification to go about deposit-taking.

Here are the interesting details we came across.

First off, Indeed the company name is registered in Australia, this is the information we had on our search.

The category of the industry they registered for, meant they had to be regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Unfortunately, our search on the ASIC website, returned zero results, proving that despite registering the company, they did not proceed to get it regulated.

There is therefore no regulatory oversight.

is Trustaking regulated, is trustaking registered, is trustaking legit, is trustaking paying.
ASIC Website Search

When writing about companies like these, we are often extra cautious, we have seen several situations where the actual company registered has absolutely no idea the scam being perpetrated in their name.

The internet is vast, and fraudsters are getting highly skilled by the day, one go-to strategy is to scan a database, find a company that is legit registered and create a website with a similar name to provide certain proof of legitimacy to the public.

For us at Orasio reviews, our goal is to caution you as much as possible, by making all the information available bare to you to make an informed decision.

Trustaking Review | Staking Profits

There are several “staking” opportunities on, however, the truth is that these are not staking opportunities, indeed, it is no different from the many investment scams we have reviewed in the past.

With the traditional staking platforms, you connect your wallet to the platform to stake, however with you are asked to deposit your cryptocurrency unto a platform whose owners you barely know.

Here are the promises they are making to you;

Trustaking investment plans, trustaking review, trustaking scam
Trustaking Investment Profits

Profits start from 0.3% a day to 0.7% daily depending on the duration of the investment you make.

These we believe are unrealistic, to say the least, the entire purpose of such high rates is to get the unsuspecting investor hooked up on emotions.

Chances are that there is no real staking going on behind the scenes. You are just falling for scammers.

Trustaking Review | Claims by Other Websites

With almost all reviews, there would likely be other websites claiming the opposite of what we have said. Most of these websites who would classify trustaking as paying, and they might be technically right, but here is what you should know.

People would claim a website is paying as long as they are getting paid, and most of these websites get paid affiliate commissions from the clients they help drive to these investing platforms.

This is one good reason most of these investment platforms run hefty affiliate programs.’s own affiliate program, pays out 10% of invested capital to their uplines, as humans as we are, for some people, as long as that money keeps coming to them, they would continue to classify the website as paying.


We believe Trustaking is a beautifully crafted scam, stay away from it. Share this article to save others, and if you have invested with them, let us know your experience in the comments section.

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