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The Best and Unbiased Asebit Review 2022

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Asebit is a website promising users very good profits, but are their claims legit, or is asebit a scam? In this article, we take a genuine and unbiased approach to ascertain the claims made by Asebit to help you make an informed decision about this platform.

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Is Asebit a scam? Yes! we believe that Asebit is not legit, it is a Ponzi scheme masquerading as a genuine asset management company. We came to this conclusion but analyzing the claims made by Asebit and juxtaposing it to publicly available information and common sense. Here is why we call Asebit a scam?

Asebit Investment Plans

Common with all investment scams, Asebit provides mouth-watering promises, they claim to be able to generate profits of 4% a day with a minimum deposit of $25 and 5% profits daily with a minimum deposit of $2500.

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Asebit Investment plans

In order for Asebit to generate such returns, it has to somehow make more than that on any given day. They know you would question this, and thus make claims of sophisticated trading techniques and markets you have probably not heard of.

The truth is that you can make money via these markets, but you can not consistently make 5% every day in any of these markets, professional traders and mentors know that there are losing days and winning days. Thus anyone promising you profits of this magnitude, using the financial markets as their basis is either naive or a fraudster.

Asebit Scam – Live Statistics

One of the ways to attract an unsuspecting investor is by showing you live statistics, again, this is a common tactic used across the board on all scam platforms.

The purpose of these statistics is to give you the impression that you are not alone, and that there are other users who are investing and also withdrawing their funds.

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Asebit Live Statistics

It is easy for people to invest, if they can see others investing and others withdrawing, meanwhile, behind the scenes, these data could be manipulated by the administrators of the platform.

The live statistics would continue to show deposits and withdrawals etc. however when you issue a withdrawal of your capital, you would not receive it.

Asebit Company Registration

There is no available information to determine if Asebit is a registered company in any jurisdiction in the world, this isn’t surprising, however, it is an indication that this website plans to disappear without a trace.

No company registration means your only source of contact is their website, and once the website disappears, you would not be able to contact them anymore.

This improved anonymous status ensures that these fraudsters are able to operate with impunity with almost no consequences for their actions at all.

Asebit Review – The Conclusion

Online investment scams continue to ravage the world, in an era of continuous improvement in internet anonymity, it is estimated that internet scams would continue to increase.

The number of legit investment platforms online is dwarfed by the ever-increasing nature of these sophisticated investment scams.

However, you can avoid these scams by doing the following before you invest:

  • Review the website you are investing with, read from other people’s experiences
  • Look at the investment plans, if they are too good to be true, run away from them, legit investment platforms hardly provide returns in days, because the money has to actually work to generate the profits to pay you.
  • Check for how long the website has been in existence and how long it has been used as an investment platform, this could give you a fair idea of what you are investing into.
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